Saturday, September 29, 2012


Been kinda' quiet around here, hasn't it?  To say that our lives have drastically changed in the last month is an understatement.  Moving our family of 6 across the ocean for nearly a half-year furlough was no easy task.  But, looky there... we survived and are still smiling, to boot.

See that purty van behind us in the picture?  A completely unexpected blessing was our friends O & H giving it to us to use while we are back in the states.  And, you know what?  It has sliding doors for our children on BOTH sides of the van.  This is our first time to enjoy such a convenience, so we feel like we have "arrived" these days.  The Lord is good in providing friends and even better to give us friends who are willing to sacrifice for us.  {A big, public thank you, O & H}.

I am determined to get back into the blogging routine.  This blog is my #1 way of recording these special memories and blessings for my children.  Hopefully {for me}, my recent silence will be squelched.

Do you want to know how a family of 6 survives traveling on the road, how we pack, what we pack, where we stay, what we do as we travel, why we travel, what keeps us busy, etc...?  These are some topics that might be worth exploring as we live this part of our lives over the next few months.  Since this blog is also my way of giving our prayer partners a better glimpse into our lives and ministry, these topics will definitely give you a clearer vision of what we're up to these days.

Anyway, here are just a few words to describe some of my feelings the last couple of weeks...



Amazed at God's provisions.

Through all of these positive feelings, though, we find ourselves missing Ukraine and our dear friends there.  Why, oh, why is it that the world has to be so big?  And why does everyone have to live so far apart?  Why do we always have to be missing someone somewhere... whether we are missing "home" or whether we are missing our "new home"?

So, do you wanna know where I'm sending my love from this time {or did you already catch on?}   Not Ukraine.  Not Israel.  No... this post is being sent...

With Love from California.