Saturday, January 11, 2014

Missions Articles {with links}

So, I guess you all figured out by now that I am no longer posting my hubby's Focus on Missions audio clips. It didn't take me long to see that I was going to have huge issues with the amount of space it was taking to upload them on my blog.  We considered deleting them as we went (once we thought you all had had a chance to click on them and listen to them) in order to keep uploading more; however, it was too much work for me to go through in uploading them only to just turn around and delete the previous work.

However, just because I am no longer uploading the audio clips does not mean that you cannot continue to listen to them!  Don't forget to tune in to to hear the Focus on Missions series air weekdays at 12:15pm and 10:00pm, Pacific time {The times are not to-the-minute specific, but pretty close}.  Of course, KNVBC is great to listen to any time of day, and I hope that you were able to tune in during the holidays for some amazing Christmas music.

I have mentioned this before, but wanted to mention it again.  My hubby also writes articles about missions and Israel for the North Valley News website.  Here is a list of articles he has already written, in case you missed them and wanted to catch up:

The Cradle of Missions
Next Generation of Missionaries
The Purpose of Missions
Why Support Israel
Gentiles Place in Missions
Biblical First-Century Missions in the Twent-First Century
Ministering to Your Missionaries
Ministry Opportunities in the Mission Field
Called to Missions
How Shall They Hear
God's Purpose for Israel
The Work Schedule of a Missionary
And, since I'm on the topic of my hubby and missions... David will be speaking in Ecuador soon at a week-long Missions Conference. Since he grew up as a missionary kid in Mexico, Spanish and English are his first languages, so it is not uncommon for him to be invited to speak to Spanish-speaking groups as often as he is invited to speak to English-speaking groups.  I am so proud of him and all of the opportunities that he is given to serve the Lord, especially in the area of missions... the heartbeat of our family and ministry.
I hope you are enjoying your New Year as much as we are thus far.  2014 is looking like it is going to be a great one!