Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sloans meet "TV" Duggars!


I am sure the Duggars need no introducing. They are the amazing family with 19 children who have a TLC and Discovery Health TV program. They are also a family that I just truly adore. Now, by my title, I am sure I have given you the impression that we were the ones who got to meet the Duggars. But, sadly, it wasn't us. We have a big family too, and it was an extension of our family who had the honor....

So, for a longer title to this post, here is the whole story: Tommy and Mona Sloan, Missionaries to Mexico, Meet the Duggars and are Given a Van For their Radio Ministry. (That was for those who like the Reader's Digest version of a story! For those of you who prefer the Encyclopedia Britannica version, read on!)


My brother- and sister-in-law are back in the States raising money to begin a radio ministry in Chiapas, Mexico. They will be traveling until the beginning of 2011 from church to church, raising money for a ministry they have estimated will reach 700,000 to 1,000,000 souls with the Gospel. The van they had was a 1996 Ford E-350 van with 175,000 miles. An aquaintance of Tommy's, also a missionary to Mexico, had recently bought a van from the Duggar's oldest son, Josh. This acquaintance mentioned to Tommy that the Duggars were interested in selling their own 1999 Ford Diesel 15-passenger van with only 83,000 miles. Tommy was interested and went for a test drive with Jim Bob Duggar. When Tommy asked how much he was asking for it, Mr. Duggar replied, "If you think that you can use it in Mexico, we have decided to just give it to you - you know, donate it to the work in Mexico." Mr. Duggar then sent Tommy to a shop and paid $280.00 to have the windshield wiper motor and relay replaced. He said that he just could not let him drive off with it like that.



Amazing, right?! Now, ever since I heard of this family and then read their book, I have admired them. Their message of "children are a gift from God" is very timely for Christian families, and I have been personally blessed by their testimonies. If you remember my Christmas post, I shared that I had received their book as a gift and read it within 48 hours of opening it!I do not know if I will ever have the opportunity to meet this dear family. After all, they are rather busy! But, I want to publicly say, "My hats off to you, and may God bless you richly for the way you have blessed our family!"


  1. Love that! Thanks for sharing and for posting new pics of Tommy and Mona and their children.

  2. Enjoy reading your blog! It is always exciting and encouraging to hear how the Lord is working all around the world. Thank you for your dedication and service. you are a tremendous blessing!

  3. What a blessing indeed! God is so very good! It's been years since I've seen Mona and Tommy...I enjoyed the pics.

    Love your blog. God bless you and your family!

  4. Wow, what a great story and what a blessing! The Duggars are one special family, making a difference for Jesus all over the world; just like the Sloans! =)

  5. This is a great story! Thanks for posting the link to my blog (http://duggarsblog.blogspot.com/). I decided to write a post giving my readers a link to your blog so they can read this encouraging story about the Duggars. Thanks again, and God bless.

  6. that's so amazing! I love learning stories like that. I've heard so much positive and uplifting things about this special family. Great post - Maria

  7. AWESOME!!! Exciting story of how God blesses us far beyond what we can ask or think.
    I also, would love to meet their family. Still hoping to get the book and read it too.

  8. That is so neat!! We like watching the Duggars too.

  9. Praise God for His goodness!!!

  10. Dearest Jolene,

    This is just a note to let you know that I just read your blog, and thank you for the post about Tommy and Mona. I was thinking, "This is a perfect way to put your writing skills into practise. And it serves so many purposes: memoirs for your children in years to come, maybe a reference "book" once you actually start your book-writing...and like you said, "You can't lose it, even if your computer crashes."

    I love you.
    Nahum 1:7

  11. We are about to watch their show now. We have some good friends who are also in the chaplaincy who are very close friends with the Duggars. We started watching the Duggars last spring, and we absolutely love them.

  12. Aahh, Jolene, that's such a blessing. Thanks for sharing it with us. We're excited to one day soon have Tommy and Mona back with us here in Mexico:-)

  13. Wow, thats great! I really enjoy this family and they love the Lord. When I get a chance I watch them on tv, tlc and read their website .They lift high the name of Jesus Christ. They are true believers and live their life for the Lord.

  14. I want you to know that I enjoy what you have to say and see what is going on in the Ukraine. I don't know if you know, but we are in the Radio Ministry and my husband and his partner, Gene Sharp, will be doing the install for Tom and the radio station there in Mexico. We are so excited!!!!

  15. That is neat Jolene. I have been watching their show since it was "13 kids and counting", I believe. I have not missed very many episodes. They are great!

  16. God is good. Thanks for sharing with us.

  17. Just want to let you know that I love getting "With love from Ukraine" and ironically enough, i had never heard of the Duggars until last night.
    I was babysitting, and the kids fell asleep so i was flipping through the channels and found TLC... the Duggars were on and WOW what an amazing family.
    That is SO neat that Tom and Monna got to meet them and the van is such an amazing answer to prayer.

    Did I tell you that I got to meet Tom and Monna and the kids at our last missions conference?
    I fell in love the the kids... we got to go ice-skating together!
    It was Lydias bday while they were here and we got to celebrate a little.
    I'm actually hoping Joanna will consider coming to college here... know its still a little ways off, but......

    Anyways, gotta get to work, buy keep the blogs/emails coming!

  18. Thank you so much for sharing this testimony with us about the Duggar's
    and what happened with Tommy & Mona. I really needed to hear this!!!
    We need a different vehicle so
    badly, and I have been praying and praying. My husband says to me that
    the only way there is a possibility that we will be able to get another
    vehicle will be a miracle from the Lord. I know the Lord can do it, and
    I am looking forward to seeing how He does it. If He can do it for
    Tommy & Mon, He can do so for our family, too! :) I just cried and cried
    when I read your letter. What a blessing! I am so happy for them!
    There faithfulness is a blessing to hear about.

    I have never seen the TV show about the Dug gar's but I have heard so
    much about them, especially since they are right here in Arkansas.
    People always ask me about them since we have a large family, too--as if
    that makes me know them! :) Anyway, I have heard & read nothing but good
    about them, and it is a joy to see God using them in the way He is.

    Thanks again for your letters. They are always uplifting & encouraging
    to me. You are such a blessing! Hugs to you!!! :)

  19. That is wonderful! The Lord truly provides! I can't believe how big the kids are!

  20. What an amazing provsion for the Lord's work in Mexico, thanks for sharing.

  21. The Duggars truly are an inspiration. To anyone who hasn't read their book, go get a copy right away! They are even more amazing than what you see on TV.

  22. That is amazing! I just love watching their show. They are truly wonderful people.


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