About Me

Hi!  I am Jolene, wife to an incredible man who has made the last decade of my life my best years.  David, whom I love to call "hubby" on this blog is my knight-in-shining armor. 

I am also a Mommy to the four dearest children on this earth, and most of my days are dedicated to caring for them.

For now, we are living in Israel, and I am thrilled to be learning all that I can while we are here.  And, I hope that you will enjoy learning right along with me!  May we all start reading our Bibles in "color" rather than in "black and white" as a result of our eyes being opened to the people, places, and events going on here.

I have a heart for orphans because I was one, in many respects.  Because of that, several of my posts are dedicated to our orphanage ministry in Ukraine, which is really only one of many ministries we are involved in.

But, first and foremost, who I am is a child of my Father.  For, if it were not for Him, my life would be a completely different story.

Thank you for stopping by.  I sincerely pray that you will be blessed by your visit here.  I am just an ordinary person serving an extraordinary God, so life around here is always full of adventure.  I invite you to get a cup of coffee, put some houseshoes on those tired feet, and stick around to read for awhile!