Friday, December 18, 2009

Wood-burning stove... eastern-European style

We are warm again!

David went out and bought us a wood-burning stove.... eastern-European style. So what does "eastern-European style" mean? Well, I'm not too sure... just that it looks like something I have never seen before! (Have any of you ever seen anything like this?)

I had imagined one day having a big cozy fireplace to burn wood in and keep my family warm. But, we desperately needed something NOW, and it would have taken too long to build my dream fireplace. I fear we would have frozen for sake of my vanity if I had gotten my way. So, my "all function, no frills" (but, oh, so wonderful!) husband went out and bought this little contraption. Not too pretty, but it sure is attracting our attention (the kids sat by it and read their books the last couple of hours before their bedtime). Tomorrow, I'll work on cleaning some of the mess around it and try to make it look a little cozier. In the last few hours our living room / kitchen area has warmed up from 50 degrees to 62 degrees. Keeping things in perspective, I'm really "warming up" to this new little gadget of ours!And, thanks to the Van Sants for insisting we stay in their home. Though we ended up not needing to, it sure was nice knowing we had a warm place to sleep just ten minutes away!


  1. Yay!! We've been praying for your family to have some heat. :)

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