Monday, August 2, 2010

Teen Camp - Day 1

Camp started with registration at 4:00, Monday afternoon
Here are the newly improved showers. If you remember, there were absolutely no separations before. Don't they look great for a temporary setup?!
First camp dinner

Um... yes.... we had a visitor while we were eating...
The teens come with just a change or two of clothing and wash out their clothes by hand (with a bar of soap) almost every day, as you can see in this picture
Meeting for all leaders
Evening services

Special music from a group from the city of "White Church"
Introduction of Thompson family
Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" in Russian to Ashlyn, who was celebrating her spiritual birthday today. We also took her to McDonald's for lunch and were all able to sit in the birthday room!
Bro. Thompson preaching about the importance of making right choices concerning friends
Bro. Thompson instantly won the hearts of the teens by bringing Reese's peanut butter cups from America for everyone. Most of the teens had never seen or tasted these!
We found out this evening that the 14 orphans who were signed up to attend camp this week will not be able to make it. They caught some sort of illness at the camp they were at last week and the whole orphanage has been put under quarantine which means no one can leave and no one can come in. Needless, to say, I am dreadfully disappointed.
Please be praying for God to do amazing things in our hearts and lives this week. We want to take the disappointments and heat in stride, and are asking God to help us "Grow in Christ" which is our theme for this year!
And, for my "Alina prayer warriors"..... she is at camp this week! She has never ventured out to do anything like this, so please pray for special grace as she endures the heat. I really hope to see her make some very special friends this week who will encourage her in her spiritual walk with the Lord.
Until tomorrow...


  1. Wow! Even with the teens who couldn't make it, you have quite a large group of kids!! Fantastic!

    The heat is really on, isn't it? I checked and saw that the "feels like" temp was 42C today. I hope everyone stays hydrated and has a wonderful week.

  2. I just started praying my friend and I'm looking forward to updates!

  3. Hello Jolene, I just wanted to pop in to encourage you and say thanks for leaving a comment on June's blog about what I had written. I'm glad you liked it. You are doing a wonderful work with your hubby in Ukraine - hope the teen camp is a great success for all. God bless you both mightily! Trish from 'Angel Wings and Apron Strings' blogspot.

  4. Jolene,
    Thanks for sending pics of yesterday already! Dave told me on the phone yesterday that the preaching's already been so good - and then in your email I got to see Bro. Ryan Thompson, plus I got to see my husband in one picture!

    We're all praying here for the Lord to work in the hearts of the teens there. Thanks, Jolene, for all you and your husband do to make this conference possible. My one main regret of not going this year, was that I wouldn't get to be with 2 of our girls, Nane` & Rosa, who came for the first time. Last year, and the year before, they fulfilled all the requirements that our teens have to do in order to go on this trip (Scripture memorization, church attendance, evangelism/church ministry, daily Bible reading & prayer, etc.), and yet they couldn't go because of document problems. Long story, but their mom's passport got lost years ago, and without her passport, they couldn't get a passport, and on and on.... Both times, 2 yrs. ago, and also last year, their hopes were dashed again and again, as their mom & dad tried to get her passport done, before that, they had to have living permits somewhere, etc. (you know the drill) - anyway, it was just pure torture with the documents, and praise the Lord, finally, this spring Marina (their mom) got her passport and then they were able to get theirs. So this is the 3rd year they've been trying to go to the conference, and finally get to! So it's pretty special. Their mom, Marina, got saved about a year and 1/2 ago, - but pray for their dad, Jora, to be saved. He comes to the services, and we keep praying he will surrender and get saved. Anyway, that whole story - but I thought maybe you'd enjoy getting to know the background of 2 of our girls who are there right now with you. You can tell them I said "hi"

    Bye for now,

  5. Looks like a fantastic start!!! Praying that your week is full of God's blessings.

  6. Jolene, After being introduced to your blog I spent the rest of the evening reading most of your 2010 posts. What a godly, spiritual lady you are and what a great work you and your family are doing in the Ukraine. When I read about Alina I was so touched and humbled by her and her testimony for our Lord. What a miracle for her to be able to attend camp! I know your heart is broken for the orphans, but God gave you Alina instead this year. Thanks for loving my family and for this opportunity. I will be praying. By the way, Ryan's favorite candy is Reece's PB cups too. -Bobbi

  7. Hope camp is fun this year. Carry a spray bottle around with you so can keep cool. Catherine said it was one of the hottest summers yet. You don't want to get too over heated with that baby. I know I sound like a mother. I just know what it is like without AC. Praying for you all.

  8. Thanks for staying up late to post these pictures! I get to stay up late to look at them : )


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