Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Teen Camp - Day 2

These pictures are out of order, but it is late, and I don't want my blog to say "Teen Camp - Day 1" all week!

Here are pictures from the day with some captions. Enjoy!

The younger leaders asked for a couple of minutes on the platform, and this was the plan they had up their sleeves... have a contest between the older leaders... The one who could drink coke through a bottle with a baby bottle nipple on top won. {We owe them one! And the week is still young!}The winner... by a long shot!
Camp "store" opened today. The teens have verses and passages of Scripture to memorize. They receive points for their memorization and get to go shopping here with their points.
This young lady (above), from a Muslim family, was saved today!
The ladies enjoyed hearing from Tiffany Thompson in our first split session (ladies and young men separated), who taught on the topic "Growing in God's Garden." The girls loved her! (Sveta, who is on the left, graciously interpreted)
One of the afternoon games involved water guns. They had to shoot into each other's mouths at the same time!

The guys didn't get it so easy... on their turn, they had to bob for bouncy balls in waterOur kids liked that idea and jumped at the chance of cooling off as well!

Alina has been participating 100% in everything she has been able to.
Pastor Bob spoke in the morning session
Tiffany Thompson and I are the "evil room checkers" (as we were so sweetly introduced). We found this little bribe in one of the rooms and gave them 2nd place! {What can I say?! The snacks were yummy... tasted like chocolate-covered cherries!}Special music from Belarus group, who, by the way, had to have passports for each teen to cross the border into Ukraine to come to this camp. We are so glad to have them return year after year... This year they have the largest group... and they traveled (by far) the farthest!

(Sorry about the low quality of this picture... my camera doesn't do very well when the lighting is poor). This is Bro. Ryan Thompson preaching about the prodigal son who was given the robe and shoes by his father. He was teaching that, even though it seems like the prodigal received the best in the end because of the beautiful welcoming he received by his father, he helped us to understand that the faithful son is the one to portray our lives after. Yes, we should receive those who have strayed back into the fold with open arms, but... Those who have remained faithful all along should not feel envious of the joyous welcome. The faithful ones should not desire that huge welcoming banquet that the prodigal received, because it is just a one-day reward for returning home. The son who remained faithful to his father, in the end, received the better reward... no regrets, his inheritance still remained, the love and fellowship of his father, etc... The message was powerful in encouraging the teens to remain faithful to the Lord!


  1. Thanks for the post. Since we can't be there in person, we can join your week of camp through your blog posts. So thrilled to hear of the girl who received Christ.

  2. Jenn Spell BontragerWednesday, August 04, 2010

    Hey Jolene, I think the guy that won the baby bottle contest is Marvin's friend David Schrock. They grew up together and are kind of cousins.

  3. Yes, Jen, that was David Schrock. I asked him who Marvin was in relation to him and he told me the whole, amazing story!


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