Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tour My Home - part 3 {Brianna and Micah's room}

First of all, a huge disclaimer:  I ADORE my 8-month old baby boy who shares this space with his older, 4-year old sister.  Seriously, the boy could not be more loved.  However, you are understandably going to be skeptical when you look at this room!  {yikes}  So, before you start thinking I'm ready to give that sweet, chubby-cheeked baby boy up for adoption, you have to understand a couple of things here.... First of all, Micah was not even in our thoughts when we built and decorated this room.  Secondly, the big future plan is that all three of our boys will eventually have a huge, shared bedroom upstairs.  (Oh, wait... We don't even have stairs yet.... but more about that later...)  So, we have opted to just keep this room very girly, and we try to comfort our baby boy (who really has a very serious complex about living in a pink room, you know) that at least there are two green walls in here!

(Below) I got these very amazing, glittery butterfly stickers at Target, when we were in America last winter.  Love 'em!  We opted to buy a full-size bed for this room in order to have extra space for guests.  Usually, our guests get our bedroom (because it has its own bathroom), and David and I share this room with Brianna on those special occasions.   

(Below) The yellow stripe in the curtain inspired me to choose yellow shades for the windows and to add a yellow pillow to the bed...  Doesn't yellow just fill the room with cheer?!
(Below)  This water heater is how we heat our bedrooms.  In fact, we have them running for the first time tonight, since we just installed them a couple of weeks ago.  Our bedrooms were only heated with electric space heaters our first two winters in this home.
 (Below) Our little man's bed.  I love that it is portable, yet has a full-size baby mattress in it.
(Below) This is our Fisher Price Loving Family dollhouse that we gave Brianna for her 2nd birthday.  Let me tell you, Mommies... This was worth the investment!  It opens into 7 rooms, there are countless accessories available to buy later, and the details are just too adorable for words!  And, Brianna plays with it so much more often when I store the accessories in a box (as opposed to keeping the house always decorated).

 (Below)  I am not a very big fan of toy boxes, so we work hard at keeping our toys separated into buckets. This helps the children keep similar toys together and makes clean-up so much simpler!

 (Below) This is where we store out-of-season clothes...
(Below)  This closet is a dream-come-true for me!  These type of closets are not common here in our area of the world. (The people here use stand-up wardrobes / armoires for storing clothing).  Therefore, we stored our things in boxes for years, not wanting to invest in the wardrobes since we knew we would eventually have closets.  And, praise the Lord, eventually has finally come!
(Below) The dresser in the closet is obviously not going to work for much longer, but for now, the room is so much more open and airy without the dresser out in the open.

 (Below) Brianna's view from her bedroom is the kids' "clubhouse" / fort next door.  I love where we live!
Thanks for coming for a "visit" today!  As you can see from this room, I LOVE bright, cheery colors.  I haven't finished decorating the walls, but.... all in due time.  I do have that sweet, chubby-cheeked baby taking up much of my time these days, after all!

I also thought I would mention that many of the toys and clothes you saw in this room were gifts from many, many dear friends.  As I took pictures of this room, my heart smiled when I realized that many of you just might even recognize something you gave us!

Okay, here is what we have left to do in this room:
1.  Add doors to the closet and storage area above the closet
2.  Baseboards
3.  Maybe one day change the carpet which is really just pieces left over from a past apartment.  But, I really doubt we'll do that for a long, long time
4.  Fix a hole in the wall left from the recently installed water heater.  (Micah's bed was covering that area in the pics).
5.  Finish decorating

Next room... main bathroom!


  1. Thank you for the tour!

    Oh, I just LOVE Brianna's room! I look forward to the day when Little Debbie gets a room to herself and we can decorate it togther.

    Lovely job, Mommy!

    Hugs from far away!

  2. WOW! I felt like I was looking through a magazine. BEAUTIFUL job, Jolene :) You have inspired me once again. Give little Brianna a hug from her auntie. I love you all :)

  3. I LOVE your organization! What a sweet, pretty space. May the Lord bless your work there. Much love!

  4. Love it, friend!!! She is a very blessed little girl to have parents that put so much thought and love into her room. :)

    I soooooo want to do something similar for my Clara **someday**, but am thinking purple/lavenders.

    Btw, had to laugh at the closet rod--stuffed with girls clothes/dresses and just a couple boy things on the end. Yah, my punkins share a room right now and I could have sworn that we have that SAME closet. LOL

    Thanks for sharing these "peeks" into your lovely home.

  5. Love her girly room! You are a great decorator! It truly is a blessing to have a home that you KNOW the Lord has provided for you! Praying for you!

  6. P.S. In the picture of her purses, I see a little "Chiapaneca" purse. Did she get that when she was here?

    Hugs, Brianna! I love you and miss you!


  7. I love her room, pink and all :-) Yes yellow does brighten the room up wonderfully!

    We have that same doll house. It's been transferred down from one girl to the next over the past few years.

    Loving the home tour~


  8. A lovely princess room -- and know there's proof forever that he lived there with the pink and green!

  9. Love her room and colors...we were thinking of getting Selah a Dollhouse but thought she may be too young...I think I may look into it a lil more now =)

  10. We stayed in a home that didn't have closet doors either, but there was a curtain rod / curtain instead. BUT, your closet is neat and organized and still nice to look at ; ) You did a great job decorating!! ~Sara

  11. Firstly, I love Brianna's bedroom. Secondly, I LOVE Brianna's bedroom! How SWEET! It is the perfect little girl haven. Good job, my friend! :o)

  12. How beautiful, Jolene! Brianna is so lucky to have such a wonderful mamma :-)

  13. Its really pretty!!

  14. I love what you did above Brianna's bed. So cute. Aren't girls just so much fun?!!!!
    Thanks for commenting. It's also a good reminder for these feeble brain to come visit back. Jolene, you've made a beautiful blog. Going to Carpatia in Oct, maybe Nov or Dec we can get down there. I want to.
    Love, Coleen

  15. I love the closets and the toy pails. You have given me some great ideas. I have been at a loss on how to organize the toys here!

  16. Loved it! Makes me want my baby to be a little girl!

  17. I LOVE the butterflies above the bed! Such a pretty, and organized, little girl's room!

  18. This is just adorable! Just like the little girl whose room it is! It is beautiful! thanks for the tour!

  19. Jolene, I am so enjoying your "home tour!" I would love the tour in person someday. =) And, Brianna's room is just precious! The pink, mint-green, and bright yellow look lovely together and oh, so girly! A room fit for a beautiful little princess of the King!!! *Hugs*


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