Monday, September 12, 2011

Thank you, Anonymous!

When I was in the sixth grade, my sister (a 5th-grader at the time) wanted to take piano lessons.  My grandmother asked me if I wanted lessons too, so I said, "Sure, why not," having never given it any consideration before that.  The piano lessons proved to be too expensive for my grandmother (who was rearing both of us alone, on her welfare income), so the piano lessons stopped.  However, my desire to learn how to play the piano never did.

Throughout high school and college, I took piano lessons off and on.  It seems like I signed up for lessons at the beginning of each year we thought we could somehow make the payments, and each year I started with a new piano teacher, having lost my former teachers due to falling out on payments throughout the year.  And such was my piano education... each year with a new teacher and having to start over in my {rather elementary} books.  Quite the disadvantage, really.

However, one year my sweet piano teacher (Becky) told me that I would no longer need to pay because someone wanted to anonymously pay for my lessons.  I was sincerely touched.  I mean, who really cared about this little high school girl (who couldn't play very well in the first place!) with not much natural talent and her desire to learn to play an instrument?

Well, today I want to thank that person here on my blog publically for that monetary sacrifice.  I don't know if you read my blog or not, "Anonymous," but I want to thank you for paying for those lessons.  Although I'm STILL not a grand pianist (hubby is the professional pianist in this home!) and although I STILL don't have much natural talent, God has used those piano skills over and over again here on the mission field.  

Thank you for investing in a future missionary wife!  I SO enjoy being able to serve the Lord in this way!


  1. This was such a sweet post.
    God sure is good to care for the little things and use us poor humans to be a blessing to one another.

  2. I think you do a grand job, Jolene!

    And yes, THANK YOU, "Anonymous!" Jolene played at our wedding!

    Wish I could hear you play!


  3. How wonderful! I thank the Lord for those who paid for my piano lessons as well. We never know where something we invest in may go; in your case to a mission field!

  4. ‎:o) You play beautimously! ♥


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