Saturday, June 1, 2013

Listen to Mom Speak

I know I have mentioned my amazing mother-in-law on my blog before, but I mention her again because now you get the opportunity to listen to her speak from her heart... totally a treat!
In the following audio clip you will hear Mrs. Billie Sloan speak candidly about going with her parents to the mission field of Mexico as a teenager and mistakes she and her husband made in their early ministry.  This is your opportunity to hear valuable advice from a godly lady who has served on the mission field more than 50 years, a lady whom I admire more than you will ever know.

What I love about mom is that she is so real.  She speaks from her heart, and you will feel her warm friendship embrace you through her kind words. 

As a side note, I especially enjoyed this audio clip since I personally know all of the speakers.  The couple who put the audio clip together are Joe and Laura Consford, missionaries to Africa.  Joe attended college with hubby and I, and Laura and I grew up in the same church.  Her father was {and still is!} the music director/song leader at our church and her mother taught me English in high school.  In fact, Laura and I were part of a small group that went to Ukraine together when I was 16 years old.  Fun memories!  Jeff Wesson, the man who introduces the "Missionary on Fire" series was my high school senior class sponsor and teacher.

So, without further ado, go grab yourself a glass of iced-tea {Yes, I'm a southern gal!} and some cookies {I won't tell...}, and enjoy this audio clip of one of my heroes...
Mom blogs over at From the Heart of Mexico, found here.

The Missionary On Fire series can be found by clicking here.