Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Giveaway!

I almost let November slip by without a single post on this blog.  I have definitely come to the conclusion that traveling {especially with multiple children} is most certainly not conducive to blogging or computer time.  And I'm okay with that.  But, it is nice to know that I have been missed, so I thank those of you who have written to let me know that you have noticed my absence.

Not long ago, I mentioned that hubby has written a book.  And in my last post I promised an upcoming giveaway.  Well, here she is, folks!  We are giving away three of these books in one week, and you'll find instructions at the end of this post on how to enter.
Have you ever wanted a little additional information {to what is already available in the Bible} about Israel that would be helpful for a Christian to know in modern times?  When you hear Israel mentioned in the news and on headlines, do you wonder what direction this tiny nation's future is headed?  As Christians, we have a natural desire to know God's purpose for Israel.  This booklet, written specifically to be a condensed easy-to-read source will help today's Christian understand God's purpose for His chosen nation.

This book was written by my hubby, David, a man to whom God has given a specific passion and knowledge about Israel.  He has been to Israel multiple times and spent three months living there at the beginning of this year.  David has personal friends in the Israeli parliament and on Israeli military bases that have helped him, along with his personal Bible studies, understand from a biblical perspective what is happening in the Middle East today.  He has taken that knowledge and condensed it into this booklet to share with Christians to help them comprehend their need to support and defend Israel.

It is heartbreaking to see how many Christians have been persuaded to reject Israel and the Jews.  God chose Israel and we unashamedly stand with her.  Period.

Beginning November 27th through December 4th at midnight, anyone who comments on this post and tells us
  •  (if you have been there) what place you love the most in Israel and why.   --OR--
  •  (if you have never been there) what you would love to see in Israel and why.
Three winners will be chosen and announced soon after the giveaway ends, so please be sure that you leave a way for me to contact you if you are chosen.
For those who are interested in ordering a copy of this book, you may contact David at sloans2ukraine {at} gmail {dot} com.  The cost is $5 plus $2 shipping.

I have heard many pastors comment to their people their need to purchase and read this book.  I hope you will heed their advice!