Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Personality Traits

In addition to our family pictures that I shared in my last post, these are the individual and "smaller group" photos that were taken that day that I wanted to share as well.  I love seeing my family through someone else's eyes, since it seems I am usually the one behind the camera.
David and I are so very different in our personalities and backgrounds, yet God chose to put us together to complement one another in the best way possible.  I believe He orchestrates this miracle in every couple who marries in His will and in His timing.
Once a couple who are opposite in personality begin to have children, it is entertaining to see whose personality the children will reflect - dad or mom.  The more children you have, the more fun the combinations become of kids who are each different and unique in their own individual ways.

Time to get to know our family a little...

{Below} Our firstborn Davey... cautious, achiever, steady, diligent, tender-hearted, protective, planner

{Below} Our second-born Nate... witty, active, silly, fun-loving, outgoing, imaginative, spur-of-the-moment, friendly

{Below} Brianna, our third... gentle, compassionate, kind, sincere, artistic, sweet, submissive

{Below} Micah, our fourth (and baby of the family when these pictures were taken)... leader, charmer, sociable, funny, life of the party, fearless, mischievous

If you knew our family well, you would probably agree that our kids with the more steady, laid-back personalities ("think, then act") are the most like their daddy.... Davey, Brianna, and Mackenzie (our 3-month old who is not featured in this post.  Her own special post is coming soon.)

The other two, Nate and Micah, get their outgoing personalities ("act, then think") from me.  Those poor two that are the most like me... well, they have a long road of learning ahead of them.  Ask me how I know. {wink}

(BTW, the house in the background of our family pictures in my last post is not where we live.  Some people have asked me about that, so I thought I would clarify.  It was just a beautiful home near the park where we were photographed, so our photographer thought it would make an amazing background.  He was right!)  

Saturday, February 22, 2014

David Sloan family 2013

Yes, these are pictures from last year, but I wanted to get them posted before we eventually get our 2014 pictures taken.  I have a feeling that this year's pictures will be even better, though, since we will have our new little Mackenzie with us!  

Since I have these pictures plastered all over our living room walls and my hubby's office, I thought it was about time my blog got updated.  So, here goes...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Country Divided

And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.  Mark 3:24

No doubt you have heard of Ukraine in the news these days.  What is happening in Ukraine is very important, but it is likely that many do not really understand what is going on.  Why are we suddenly hearing about this once quiet country in the news?  The truth is that these problems have been just beneath the surface, and it was only a matter of time before they erupted.

The recent uprisings are, in short, for this reason: Ukraine lies in the middle of the east (Russia) and the west (Europe).  It is a country divided by history, politics, culture, and even language as you can see in the picture below:

The fightings are a tug-of-war, of sorts, between two sides, and it is hard to tell what will eventually happen.

It breaks our hearts to see this country we love in such turmoil.  For us, the picture in this post is not just a map.  It represents real people that we know and call friends, and we greatly desire to see them live in peace and security.

I read an excellent article on the Washington Post that gives an overview of Ukraine's history and current political situation.  If you are a history buff or love politics beyond your borders, you may enjoy reading the article (found by clicking here).  It is lengthy, though, so you may prefer watching this two-minute video instead: (found by clicking here) to get an overall explanation of what you are seeing in the news.

We are praying for the Ukrainians we love and for the missionaries who still remain there that they would be able to stay permanently.  More than a decision of "east or west," this country needs God.  My hubby is planning to fly to Ukraine next month to help run a Men's Conference.  I am already praying that God will use that Conference to strengthen the men of Ukraine to stand - not for one side or the other - but for God.