Saturday, February 22, 2014

David Sloan family 2013

Yes, these are pictures from last year, but I wanted to get them posted before we eventually get our 2014 pictures taken.  I have a feeling that this year's pictures will be even better, though, since we will have our new little Mackenzie with us!  

Since I have these pictures plastered all over our living room walls and my hubby's office, I thought it was about time my blog got updated.  So, here goes...


  1. Oh what a blessing to get the family pictures. Is this where you all live it looks so nice and happy so glad to hear from you I do love you all and love hearing from you been to church this morning and had a good service I don't get to go to often but when I do I really enjoy Bro Weido preaching what a blessing to get to go
    Love to all

  2. What an adorable family you have, God's been good!

  3. hi,, i like to visit this site,, have a nice day :)

  4. I just love all these snapshots of your beautiful family. Isn't it fun and crazy to take a zillion pictures in a zillion different poses to get ONE good one? haha! That's part of the memory :-)


  5. Hi friend – man – I just don’t keep up well. I got your email after Christmas. Can you believe we live 30 min. apart?

    Seth will be at Pastor’s school next week all week, and I am planning to come up Mond. And Tues. night to join him for the service. And maybe Wed. too. I wanted to let you know - and hopefully we can connect. It’s almost time for church – but I wanted to send this right away – before I forget.

    BTW….love these pictures, and can’t wait to see Mackenzie!!!

    Love you!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing... You have a Beautiful Family...

  7. Thanks, Jolene. I always love to see your pictures.
    I have been praying for David's upcoming trip to the UK. What does he think of the new leader that I just read about last night?
    You are all in my prayers.
    Love to you,

  8. Thank for the new pictures of the family. The children are growing up. They are all so handsome and beautiful.

    I have move to Florida and living with my son. Getting to enjoy time with my 2 great grandchildren also.

    You are a blessing. God Bless You.

    Mrs. Judy


Thank you for your encouraging comments! "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." Proverbs 25:25