Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sonic the Hedgehog

This post is dedicated to our dear friends, the Thompsons.... especially for Titus Thompson, since I was not able to find a hedgehog for you when you were visiting us last year.

One year ago, the Thompson family came to visit us from California.  During that visit they ever so graciously gave our family a Wii gaming system (from their Sunday School class "Two Committed") which included a game called "Mario and Sonic."  And the character Sonic is a hedgehog. 

My kids have played their Wii game on lots of occasions.  What a perfect gift for a family with kids who get stuck inside for several months out of the year during the cold, winter months! [Thanks, again, Thompsons and "Two Committed" class!]
Something unique we have here in Ukraine are hedgehogs.  Today little "Sonic" joined our family of six.  He is spending the night in a cardboard box out in our garage.  I promise we usually treat our visitors a little bit better than this, but with spikes like this guy has, I'm keeping him at a safe distance!  (And, check out how he walks!)  

Some people have dogs for pets, some have cats.  And, we have a hedgehog!  Anyone else think that is a little strange?!  But, hey, you work with what you've got... And on our mission field, hedgehogs just happen to be in abundance!


  1. Some pet! That got my kiddies' attention!

    Is it messy? Eat much? Make noise?

    Have fun with member number 7!

    P.S. Love the name, too.

  2. P.S. Who's hand is holding Sonic? It's not David's! Not a child's hand. And certainly not yours!

  3. Hey, Anna.... Don't know too much about this guy yet... We're still in the learning process. Wikipedia says he can be noisy and he eats bugs. We gave him bread and milk yesterday and all of his milk is gone.

    And, that is Igor's hand. Igor is the one who was married last year and lived in our house. He found Sonic when he was working on our sidewalks yesterday.

  4. Ahh!!! Savannah, Alisa, Levi, and I are LOVING these pictures Jolene! What a fun pet! Give Sonic, a soft "pat" on his cute little head, from our family. *Hugs*

  5. Very interesting pet. Evidently the spikes don't come out in your skin like a porcupine's would? He actually looks quite cute!

  6. Our dog caught one of those in the yard once, it was dark so we couldn't really tell what it was.
    Looks like a wonderful pet!

  7. He's very cute and no I don't think it unusual. My brother and sisters used to have a hedgehog as well!

  8. Oh, how cute! There are lots of those little critters in Germany. They would always come out at night and root around in the yard for worms and bugs. :o) When I came home late at night there would be probably a dozen little hedgehogs having a great time in the yard. :o)

  9. Our kids had 2 of these when they were little. Even had babies....which are cool...they are almost see thru when they are born.


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