Thursday, September 22, 2011

Green Eggs and Ham

The beloved Dr. Seuss.  Can I tell you that we collect Dr. Seuss books around here?  They are the books my kids most frequently read.  They are the first books my children ever read.  And they keep going back for more.  {And hubby and I can quote many of them by heart!}

Each time we are in America, we pick up a few more...

My sweet little 4-year-old Brianna taught herself to read with Dr. Seuss.  Don't believe she can read?  If you are anywhere within listening distance, she will gladly read to you... just like she reads to me {and anyone who will listen} each day.

But, Green Eggs and Ham is her all-time favorite.  What draws her to this book?  I'm not sure... Could be the idea of green food.  Could be all the silliness throughout the book.  Could be the great illustrations.  For whatever reason, she just can not get enough.  So, while other little girls are carrying around baby dolls and stuffed animals, my little girl has her beloved Green Eggs and Ham in her hands.  Each of my {bigger} kids have their very own flashlight, and we let them go to bed with a book and their flashlight each night.  Even on school nights {gasp!}.  So, while other little girls sleep with their dolls and teddy bears, my little one sleeps with her favorite book.

And I'm okay with that.  After all, readers are leaders, right?


  1. That is so cute! I totally agree with letting the little ones go to bed with books. Angelica and Daniel have done so since they discovered they liked books. I can't tell you how often I've checked on them and found them sleeping with books on their faces. So I say good for you!

  2. Awww....Great pictures...Briana is a beauty {just like her mama ;)} We have the Dr. Seuss ABC's and yes, we can quote it, too! :)

  3. Just precious! I love each picture, and I love knowing she can read that she loves books. What a wonderful world is open to readers...It makes me happy to know that she is getting started at such a young age.

    Give her a big hug from me, and please keep sharing these precious pictures.


  4. Love this! My family loves Dr. Seuss books too! Each time the youngest child really stars understanding,"Green eggs and Ham". We have some "Green eggs and Ham", for Breakfast! The kids love this! :)

  5. I love her dress jolene!

  6. Green Eggs and Ham is my most favorite book of all time. At one time I could quote the whole book. I love Dr. Seuss, the rhyming and silliness I think are what make them so easy to read.

  7. My children's favorite was Green Eggs and Ham, too! They're you're age and we have read some of them to our grandchildren, passing them down. Some of the more recent ones, we avoid. (The one movie we picked up was not material for a 4 year old - depression and suicide were topics in it.)

    I accidentally discovered how to make green eggs and ham. Add a touch of grape jelly with the chunked ham to the eggs while cooking and the blue mixes with the yellow eggs! Bri might get excited about helping you with your recipe. We did not have grape jelly in Mexico - maybe another flavor with a blue base would be available there.


  8. Your little girl is a real little angel! You are doing a great work there and you have a very beautiful sweet family! May the Lord Jesus help and bless you and your family! Your friend Patrick

  9. Jolene, she is so beautiful! So good that she is reading and loves it.

  10. Hi Bri!
    This is Mimi, and did you know I used to read those books to your Dad? Your Prampa thought they were foolishness, but I think what captured your Daddy's delight, and probably yours, is the fact that they're written in rhyme. They're even fun to read.
    Proverbs 20:11

  11. Absolutely precious post! Even though Anna can't read yet, she always carries around a book with her too.

  12. Have you ever heard of the last book Dr. Seuss wrote (he was 80)? It's called "You're Only Old Once". It is written for children and older people. I just discovered it a few years back at a thrift store, and I love it!
    Julie H. (Tulsa, OK)

  13. These pictures of your little princess are beautiful, Jolene! Adorable! And, as a girl, my dad often told me that "leaders are readers!" Tis true, my dear sister in Jesus, and please give your sweet girl a hug from your friend in Germany!


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