Thursday, August 5, 2010

Teen Camp - Day 4

Ahhh, another hot, but beautiful day! This was the last full day... tomorrow will be clean up, breakfast, a small devotional, and then dismissal, so I probably will not post "Day 5."

Enjoy the highlights from our last full day at Teen Camp 2010!
Group shot with new t-shirts
Thompson family with their new t-shirts. I did not take a close-up picture of the t-shirts, but if you look closely you can see that there is a cross in between a tree... with one side dead and one side growing bountifully. The theme this week was "Grow in Christ," and the clipart was graciously sent to us by a supporting church
Igor and Lena (who will be married soon) have been David's hardest-working leaders, so he rewarded them with money for their wedding.
Winning young men's room from room check. They learned the secret of hiding everything and even added their own secret.... when I walked in, it was obvious they had sprayed the room down with cologne!
Our fearful leader and director of camp this week, my hubby David. Thank you, Sweetheart, for all you put into this fantastic week!
Winners of room check receiving prize
Me (on the left) with a precious pastor's wife from Belarus
Teens and leaders wearing t-shirts from Golden State Baptist College in Santa Clara, California. This is where the Thompsons are from and they graciously brought these t-shirts for us to use at our own discretion. Some were given away to leaders, but the five teens who are in this picture earned them by saying their Scripture verses the quickest and this is what they chose from our "store." It was a first-come, first-serve basis and all of the teens really wanted them!
Pastor Bob and David taking a moment to rest
Game time

Tiffany Thompson brought another wonderful lesson to the young ladies about the importance of purity
Game - The first one to blow the ping pong ball out of the bowl won (harder than it looks!)
The young man in the glasses was saved today!
The leaders played the same game, only they were blindfolded to hide the fact that flour was put into their bowls!

David, enjoying running the various games!

We also gave out free CDs to each teen and worker. Good Christian music is hard to come by in Russian, so we were thrilled to find these CDs, get them at a bulk discount, and give them out

Bro. Thompson preached another stirring message, encouraging the teens not to forget the decisions that they made during the week of camp. He also gave them each a packet of seeds to use as a reminder to let the "seeds" that were planted in their hearts this week to grow
Bro. Thompson also gave out more Reese's to those who could answer questions about the previous lessons and sermons from the week
After services, Bro. Shrock used his balloon talents to make balloon animals for each member of his team. It was very dark outside, which should explain the low quality of the picture
We are all very tired, but David and Bro. Thompson are already gearing up for a trip to Israel which they will be going on, beginning tomorrow (Friday) night. Please be praying for them and this 6-day, life-changing experience. Tiffany and I will be staying in Ukraine with our combined 6 treasures. Please pray for all of us!


  1. Oh, well I guess I didn't deserve to be in those pictures. Anyways, thanks for posting those.

  2. Oh, well I guess I didn't deserve to be in at least one of those pictures. Thanks anyways for posting those.

  3. Jolene, It has been so much fun "going to camp" with you this week through your blogs. Thanks for sharing the blessings with us. Now, if we can just figure out how to share that chocolate through your posts!

  4. Jolene,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to keep the blog updated even when you would have rather slept. What an exciting, life changing week for everyone involved. My heart has been so knit to Alina. I love the picture of her making her canvas bag with that big, sweet smile of hers. I will continue to pray for all of you. Get some rest and enjoy the week with Tiffany and the kids. You have made the distance between us seem not so far and allowed me to be a part of your camp... for that I can not thank you enough. -Bobbi

  5. Marina,

    You're in the group picture and the Golden State t-shirts picture!

  6. Sally, I would GLADLY share, my missionary friend! :)

  7. Hi Jolene!

    This is Lori Tullis from “Frog’s Lilypad.” I hope everything is going well. I have really enjoyed reading about the summer camp on your blog. The young people seem to really enjoy camp. The leader, too!

    I am going to be teaching school this fall. I’m really excited about this since I will be teaching World History. I am going to be adding a “Missions Moment” in the classes. I’m hoping to be able to introduce the students to missionaries around the world. Do you have a picture or a scan of your prayer card, that I can print and use for my missions board?

    Also, I wanted to ask if it would be alright to have a student or two “interview” you through email about your life on the mission field? This won’t happen for at least a couple of months.

    Thanks for your help.

    I’m praying for you all,

  8. Jolene
    I sure have enjoyed the pictures and especially the one of Ilena what is her last name ? I sent Judy VanSant a e-mail I hope I get a answer I will be praying for David but I want to put Ilena on out prayer list at church
    Hope to hear real soon and I am praying for you while David is gone
    I love you

  9. It has been good to see all the camp photos. It is exciting to see Alina involved. What a blessing! I am still praying for her and her physical needs. She looks so happy in the pictures. What a wonderful testimony to other young people. It is neat to see how young people are the same everywhere - love having a good time at camp - just like our young people here in TN.
    Mrs. Hickman

  10. Great week, Jolene! What a wonderful miracle that Alina got to be with you! I love you, dear sister!


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