Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Teen Camp - Day 3

It is getting harder and harder to stay up late and upload these posts, but I am determined to stay updated on this project. (Those Reese's peanut butter cups are thankfully helping!)

Here are some highlights from the day. Of course, I am not involved in every activity, so there are some things not mentioned here that go on throughout the day, as well.

We had some extra free time this afternoon, so a pretty large group drove into the city to go bowling for a couple of hours. I am thinking we need to make this a regular part of camp week if we continue using the facilities where we are. I am sure the teens would not be against that!
Workers and teens playing basketball in the morning

This has been the winning room for "room check" two days in a row... there is nothing for us to "complain" about because they have hidden all of their belongings!
This hilarious sight welcomed us in one of the men's room. As you can see by looking closely, "he" was bribing us... with cookies, a dollar, and a Ukrainian bill as well. And, yes, this room won!
At 1:00 the girls had a craft while the guys played outside. They each received a plain canvas bag with various items to decorate the bags. Thank you to Mrs. Judy VanSant for preparing this craft... the girls loved it!
Alina, happily decorating her canvas bag

We divided the girls into age groups (11-14, 15-19, leaders) and judged their bags for beauty and creativity. Above are the winning bags. The "artists" of these bags received a 1-liter cold soda (which was certainly a refreshing treat during this heat!)
The younger children have not been left out, even though they are not official campers... they have been doing their own crafts as well.

An unsaved doctor, Dr. Alla, whom we have been trying to reach with the Gospel for 3 years now, came to speak to our teens, upon our invitation. She is an ear-nose-throat doctor, and spoke on the importance of using these organs in the right way... to listen to authority, speak kind words, not drink or smoke, etc... She also gave the teens tips on how to take better care of themselves.
When the Thompsons arrived in Ukraine last week, Tiffany Thompson was having a hard time getting over an illness she had been battling for more than a week. One of her troubles was a cough that wouldn't go away, so we took her to Dr. Alla. Thanks to this doctor, she is healthy again (and Tiffany was able to experience true life on the mission field... a visit to the hospital).
Game time
Special music from group from the city of Odessa, which is an 8-hour drive west from our city.
Bro. Thompson preached another excellent message this evening about King Josiah and how he used his teen years to make a difference for Christ
Until tomorrow... I'm headed to bed!


  1. I was so blessed by the message at teen camp tonight, despite the oppressive heat. What a gifted speaker! Thanks for sharing the great photos.

  2. Thanks for the good report and pictures. Wish we were there.

    Bette Uwarow

  3. Jolene,
    THANK YOU for sending pics every day! You don't know how much I love "seeing" our teens (and my husband!) and knowing in the "inside scoop" of what they're doing each day! I call Dave every day, but he's usually busy and can't talk long (that's OK, better on the phone bill), besides, men don't give all the details we like to hear! :-) So thank you! I can't wait to show everyone these pics at church tonight. We're all praying for the conference.

  4. Thanks so much for posting this! I saw my boys so I can go to bed now :)

  5. Jolene, I thank you for staying up late to post the pictures ,etc. I had Grandpa and Grandma Trieber over yesterday and shared your blog with them-they really enjoyed it! Tell Ryan, Tiffany and the kids hi from all of us in Santa Maria. Thanks!!!

  6. Bro. David,

    We pray the Lord is Blessing Both of the Conferences this week and that all who could attend are hearing from the Lord. We truly appreciate how much you've helped us in the past with our youth. We only wish ourselves that we had the numbers of youth that we used to have. We are however Praising the Lord for all of our new young married couples and their Children who are a result of our past youth groups. Once again we thank you for inviting us to attend again this year.

    Praying He'll help them to hear from heaven and dedicate their lives to Him.

    To God Be the Glory,

  7. Seeing the pictures and hearing about the messages only makes us want to be there even more! Thanks for sharing. Praying for you all during this week!


Thank you for your encouraging comments! "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." Proverbs 25:25