Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas gifts for the orphans, Part 1

We received 14 boxes from the ladies of Tulsa Baptist Temple in Tulsa, Oklahoma, several weeks ago, especially to give our orphans for Christmas. They sent 18 boxes, but we are still waiting for the other four.... probably to clear customs. You should have seen me at the post office when we picked these up! I was beaming from head to toe, just like a proud momma! From the post office, we drove to our Wednesday evening services, and I could not stop talking about all of the boxes packed in our trunk!

For awhile, they sat in our living room like this....
Then, I invited our co-worker and helper in the ministry, Nelya, to my house to unpack them and divide the things up for the children. Here are my children, eagerly awaiting to see what is in inside....During the waiting period, we received a second shipment of hats and scarves from Beach Street Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. In this large box were oodles of brand new school supplies, so we decided to add them to the other gifts....And here it all is, laid out on my bed...And here is what would NOT fit on my bed!...A close up look at some of the gifts... All separated out into gift bags...And individualized with names and ages.... We've already delivered these gifts, and I can hardly wait to show you the kids with their presents and happy, contented faces. So, that will be my next post! See you soon...

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