Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Day

This year we kept our gift-giving amongst ourselves small. One of our supporting churches sends us a Christmas box every year, and the gifts are always nice and chosen especially for us. They request a "wish list" early in the year, and then different Sunday Schools divide up the lists and shop for the things we have "wished" for. I was also given money while we were in Germany (thanks, Bro. Mike and Mrs. Becky!), so I used that to buy Christmas gifts there in the church's bookstore that we were visiting. I had a little of that money left when we returned to Ukraine, so we decided to buy a "family gift" - a table game that was "from everyone to everyone." Thanks to the kindness of others, we did not need to buy any gifts for ourselves this year! God always provides when we need it the most, and this occasion was no exception!

Do you like to see what other people get for Christmas? Well, I sure do, so I thought maybe you would too. So, I am going to share with you how we spent our day and the gifts we received. One thing worth mentioning is how we go about our gift-opening. My hubby is a sentimental person (one the many things I love about him!), and he likes for Christmas not to be rushed. So, each year we each take turns opening our gifts, one at a time, watching each other. This process always takes longer, but we each get to share in each other's happiness. This year we named "Daddy's chair" the "hot seat" and each time it was someone's turn to open a gift, they got to sit in the "hot seat." The kids really enjoyed this... especially when their turn was next!

There are lots of pictures here, and I hope you enjoy them! We always start Christmas "gift time" reading Luke 2 about God's Gift of His Son to the world.
Me with my Sweetie
My three little helpers
Brianna's double-wrapped present. All of the gifts that came from America were already wrapped. However, some of the wrapping had torn in a couple of places, so I re-wrapped them! This made "opening time" double the fun!
For Brianna's 2nd birthday last year, we bought her Fisher Price's Loving Family dollhouse. We are now collecting accessories to her dollhouse, and our supporting church lovingly sent Brianna the living room furniture and...
...the grandmother and brother! Yeah! (She loves this dollhouse!) Nate got a Patch the Pirate CD "Pleasure Island"
and dinosaurs! Davey got a Patch the Pirate CD "Camp Kookawacka Woods"
...and more dinosaurs! Everyone helping Mommy open her present!
A jewelry box!
And, yes, oh, yes... the book I have been WANTING for months now... The Duggars 20 and Counting! The day after Christmas I hurt my back (maybe pulled a muscle or even pinched a nerve) and was in bed a lot for nearly a week. I was able to read my new book within 48 hours of receiving it, and I STILL cannot convince David that I wasn't making up the back pain just so I could have time to read! (insert a big smile here!) David loves reading about Israel
And, my favorite gift of all this year... a Thompson Chain Reference Bible for our Daddy preacher!
And here is the family gift we bought... a Tom and Jerry game. The instructions included were only in Polish (hmm... how would Ukrainians know how to play this?) but we found instructions in English online!
For Christmas dinner, we were hosted (along with the Van Sants) by the Hess family. One of the things we did together was play the game "Spoons." Has anyone heard of this game? Talk about an action-packed, kill-your-neighbor game! Definitely fun for a lively group like ours was! Bro. Tony Hess, enjoying having all of the spoons, if but only for a moment.Enjoying lots of laughs together!
Our Christmas Day family snapshot
The Van Sants surprised everyone with gifts from America (thank you, Pastor Bob and Mrs. Judy!!!) and then we ended the day with singing around the piano.

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  1. What a fun Christmas! We have many of the same traditions in our home. My kids love Patch the Pirate too and someone sent them a new CD for Christmas. Great post! I am going to look up the doll house your daughter has. I wanted to get my Sarah one for Christmas, but the one I liked (all wood) was way over our price range:) All your kids looked thrilled with their gifts. So glad you had a great Christmas with family and friends.


Thank you for your encouraging comments! "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." Proverbs 25:25