Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday, Simferopol Baptist Church!

We had a great day at church yesterday, commemorating the "birth" of our church 13 years ago. We had 78 in attendance in our hearing services and 59 in the deaf services for a total of 137 in church! To God be the glory! Here are pictures of the two groups:



Pastor Bob and Mrs. Judy are on a five-month furlough to America. They are in the middle of that trip right now; however, they returned to Ukraine for 12 days, especially to be here for our Anniversary services. It has been a joy to have them back. Since they are sharing their home with us while ours is being built, we are all living together for these 12 days as one big, happy family. (Did I mention we live with three dogs here, too?!)

We had two "birthday" cakes... one for each church service. They turned out beautifully, so I wanted to share a picture of them with you. Also, my Davey is celebrating a birthday this week, and will be turning seven. He has been looking forward to this day and counting down for about two months now. I sure do hope his day is as special as he has been anticipating. We are planning a little party at McDonald's and the zoo with another missionary family here, the Hesses, that have four children. Should be fun!

So, Happy Birthday to Simferopol Baptist Church.... I wish you many more years of growth, salvations, baptisms, and lives changed and given to service for God. We love having the privilege of serving here! And, Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet treasure Davey!

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  1. That's wonderful to see the church going strong! Hard to imagine that your oldest will be turning!!!


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