Monday, May 2, 2011

Missionary Monday - Out of the Mouth of Babes

Above: 6-year old Nate with his 4-year old sister, Brianna

This week, my 6-year old son decided to write a letter to his "video teacher," Miss Wieler. My children are homeschooled, using a program (A Beka Book) out of Pensacola, Florida. They watch their teachers, but have never met them.

Nate's letter touched my heart. As a six-year old, he has an amazing grasp of what it means to be a missionary, and I wanted to share his thoughts with you here (complete with his very own misspellings.... just remember he is only six!)
Above: Front side of Nate's letter

Dear Miss Wieler
abeka book
frome: Nate
to: Miss Wieler
We are missonarys to the Ukrane. Uk-ra-ne. Well as we were saying, the Ukraine is a contry faraway where the king, well the President said, in Russa - no more Bibls, go to my Church, and speak my language. we use to speak Ukranin our languige now russin. He was not our President but he took over our country. We use to be our own country, but he took over our country. Please pray for us as we help them get saved. Well, I have one more thing to say, when we pass out traks some pepol say I dont want one. And there is bere (beer) and they smoke. We work at a orfinige. Wher there Moms and Dads dont take care of them.

Above: Back side of Nate's letterNate heard me teaching a couple of children's classes while we were back in America for furlough recently. Little did I realize my very own son was grasping the reason the Lord laid Ukraine on our hearts as the mission field where He wanted us to serve. What a privileged little boy Nate is, to live right where the action is happening and understand the significance of a person's need for Christ in their life.

Thank you, Jesus, for allowing my children the privilege of being missionary children.


  1. Yes, Jolene, it is so true that we influence the way our kids feel about missions (and being missionary kids). When we were on a furlough in 2008 (I think), my son (about 9 years old then) offered to speak or give a testimony in Jr. Church. The man in charge said he did a really good job. As my husband and I were asking what him later what he said, it was much of what he regularly heard his dad say when sharing our burden for the field. What a joy to have children who have a tender heart toward lost souls - especially the same ones the Lord has called the parents to.

  2. My eyes filled with tears as I read this post. Our children are truly blessed beyond measure. I pray with all of my heart that God will get a hold of Seth's heart like that. You are such an inspiration to me, Jolene. Thank you so much!

  3. read the letter to his teacher. Wow , Great Job and very touching. He sounds so sweet . You must be so proud

  4. What a blessing to have your children to caught your vision for the lost at a young age. Our daughter loves to go visiting with my husband. She always wants to make sure she has church tracts to pass out. Thanks for sharing your children truly are an heritage of the LORD.

    Debbie Manning

  6. Nate sure is a special kid -- with special parents teaching him. Thanks for sharing your sweet family with us. I love the pictures!!

  7. Such a sweet post! Thank you for sharing! I loooooovvveeee all the little drawings that my kiddies make, expressing what they feel, think, etc. I want to keep them all (they're just growing up too fast!); got any ideas how to properly and practically file them?! They both were making such darling drawings last night....I'd love to keep them all!

  8. I just read your Missionary Monday blog, and Nate's note is so precious, and shows his extreme intelligence, and perceptibility. Wow! Out of the mouth of babes...and smart babes!

  9. God has mighty things for him!


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