Thursday, October 20, 2011

And the Winner is...

Hip Hip Hooray!  And the winner of the Scripture Print Giveaway is.....

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Blogger López Family said...

How fun, Jolene!

My favorite one (so hard to choose!) is Be Still.

Love you!
Saturday, October 15, 2011
Congratulations, Anna!  Does it seem fair that my sister-in-law won?!  Well, I promise that this giveaway was completely fair.  I used to choose the winner and those three silly kids that are pictured above were standing around me, anxiously watching and awaiting to see who would win!  So they are my witnesses to fairness! {not that you doubted me, right?!}

By the way, there were 51 entries.  Not bad for my first giveaway...

Anna, let me know which print you want and I'll put your order in.  I already know your address. {wink!}

And for those of you who didn't win this time (I say this time because this was fun and I'd like to do some more giveaways again!) can head on over to Amy's site and order some prints in plenty of time for Christmas!


  1. Congratulations Anna! Thanks for the giveaway Jolene! Great idea!

  2. It's awesome that Anna is the winner in your first giveaway. Congrats, Anna!

  3. A successful finish to a fine giveaway -- Congratulations, Anna!!

  4. Thank you for your prayer letters...I especially like the prints from Amy; in fact I am ordering one for a friend who is getting married next month. Please know y'all are in our hearts and prayers, Helen

  5. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah....I am sooo excited to be the winner!

    Thank you, Jolene! I can't wait to choose my Scripture print!

    Hugs to you!


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