Friday, October 28, 2011

Tour My Home - part 5 {master bedroom}

So, here it is... the master bedroom reveal!  {Sorry, but it would have come much earlier if I had remembered to take pictures and download them to the computer before hubby left for his recent trip.}
Isn't it beautiful?!  The comforter set and the Home Interiors picture set over the bed were all shipped from America about 7 years ago.  [I bought the Home Interiors set through a dear friend who gave me her wholesale price.]  We bought the furniture in Kiev, in the only all-wood furniture store we could find (all shipped from Estonia).  Press-board is very big here, and we just weren't willing to buy something we knew would have to be replaced within a few years.  We wanted to buy wood (i.e. quality) furniture the first time and not have to buy again.  And, the curtains were made by yours truly.  I just took four short curtains from a previous home we lived in and made two long ones out of them to keep from having to buy more!
When we bought the bed, we only had one child but we knew that we would be having more if the Lord would graciously give us more.  We both had dreams of a king-size bed and lots of littles snuggling in the bed with us for story time, movie time, snuggle time, etc...  We didn't have the money for our dream, so we slept on the floor for several months, then bought our king-size mattress.  We then slept with the mattress on the floor until hubby could make us a temporary frame for the bed.  We used that temporary frame until it broke {I won't mention the fact that kids were caught jumping on it.}  Then, we bought the bed frame we now have.  Little by little over the last 9 years we have collected what you see...
This room is our bedroom by night, and Nate's (our 7-year-old's) school room by day.  This is where he spends several hours a day watching his A Beka DVDs and trying to figure out how to finish faster than his brother and sister!
(Below) Pictures in our "BC" days..... Before Children...  Yes, we've always been a bit crazy!
(Below)  See the chipped places on the wooden furniture?  Have you ever heard this equation?:

3 moves = 1 fire

Well, this furniture has been through more than three moves and has certainly suffered the damage.  Lord-willing, though, this furniture has found its forever home!  And see the lamp?  That was my birthday gift to David last year.... Aren't you impressed?  Hmmm... bet he never guessed that I bought the function for him {reading his books in bed at night} and the prettiness for myself!
(Below) And this is my side of the bed...  Can't you just smell the hot cinnamon candle?  I smell it everytime I walk into the room and it makes me smile every time...
(Below) Pretty details on the furniture...
(Below) Nate's nametag on his desk.  During the day this nametag is nowhere to be found underneath his pile of papers and books.  We have jokingly nicknamed the kid "pig-pen" after the Peanuts character with the dust all around him.  [And he's a good sport about it, too, joking back with us.]  When Nate loses something, it is usually pretty easy to find... Just have to start moving things around!
(Below)  Nate stores his school books in the window sill when he is done with school each day.  We are learning lots of lessons about organization with him, and baby steps are big steps for the little guy!  I have learned that keeping accessories to a minimum for him works wonders!  (And, by the way, I would not change anything about him...  I adore that kid!)

I adore the golden colors of the walls, but it does leave a yellow tint to pictures which is something I did not foresee.  Hmmm... Not sure if I would have chosen something else, though.  This color is so warm and inviting.  Don't you agree?

So, here is what we have left to do in this room:
  • Baseboards
  • Finish one more electrical socket
  • Now that the water heater was just mounted to the wall, we can fill in the concrete hole that was left and paint over it (the curtain was hiding that ugly spot)
  • Decorate some of the bare walls.  Although, I must say, that with four children and their normal loads of books and toys, the bareness of this room can be somewhat refreshing at the end of the day!
Next room to tour... master bathroom!


  1. So beautiful! You have done an outstanding job on your house, The master bedroom is so pretty! I took the liberty to share it on my blog. Hope you don't mind! Love, Gail

  2. Your home is lovely. I'm so excited for ya'll. It is wonderful getting to "keep up with you" through your blog and fb. Proud to call you friend. (We will have to visit your home someday since you visited us.) Love you.

  3. Jolene, your home is truly beautiful, my friend! So warm and peaceful looking, too. I also had to laugh about your moving comments. =) Also, I have started praying more diligently for your family and ministry in Ukraine. He is ABLE! So much more than able! *Hugs*

  4. I am certainly enjoying your efforts to share your life with us. THANKS! - Caron McCracken, KY, USA

  5. I enjoyed looking at the pictures that you took of your bedroom. It looks so nice. :-)

  6. Your room is sooooo CLEAN!! I love the color, it's so soft~

    We have that same primary Bible reader.

    I have enjoyed the tour through your home and the crazy picture of you two :-)


  7. Love it, Jolene. So you!

    Love you, Beautiful Lady!

  8. Thank you for sharing your home. Many times I wonder how our Missionaries manage everyday life, and how things look---I have a huge "curiosity bump". When I watch a movie or television show I spend as much time looking at backgrounds as I do concentrating on the plot...silly me. Lord bless you.


Thank you for your encouraging comments! "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." Proverbs 25:25