Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just a piece of candy

(My daughter Brianna, just 6 weeks before her 4th birthday)

Why is it that children {usually} just absolutely love sweet things?  My children have the old movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) and are convinced that Wonka brand candy (like Nerds, Fun Dip, Gobstoppers, Pixy Stix, etc...) is the best candy ever invented.  And, thanks to my sweet missionary friend Donna Schepers and her family, my children have been enjoying some Wonka candy lately.  Big thanks and lots of hugs, Donna!

As a child, I was pretty convinced that candy was a big deal too.

After all, candy is the reason that, as a four-year old girl, I got on a big yellow bus all by myself to ride to church.

All I was promised was a piece of candy for coloring a flyer advertising a free bus ride to church.  I just had to show it to the bus workers to receive my prize.   And color it I did.  Then I received my piece of candy...

...and, oh, so much more.

Because of a piece of candy, I learned that there is a God in Heaven.

Because of a piece of candy, I learned that God sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross to take away my sins.

Because of a piece of candy, I learned I was a sinner, in need of a Saviour.

Because of a piece of candy, I asked Jesus to come into my heart, save me from my sins, and take me to Heaven when I die.

It was all because of a piece of candy.

And I wonder, who else is in need of some sweetness today?


  1. What a "sweet" reminder!
    Love you, Hannah

  2. Can I share this with our bus director at church and my Childrens workers please? I loved this.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. My dad has been a bus driver and Sunday School teacher for nearly 20 years. I'm going to send this to him. What an encouragement!

  4. That was a SWEET post.Our daughter Lydia has told people her favorite birthday gift was a lolipop.:)

  5. I just love this!

    I remember eating Wonka candy after watching Willie Wonka when it first aired on tv. It was all any of us would eat.

  6. That was beautiful! Let's all go buy a bag today and invite someone to Jesus! You are always a blessing!

    Much love,


  7. Awww Ms. Jolene....That is all sooo sweet!!! I loveddd that!!! ;DD <3

  8. ‎:o) Love you, my friend!


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