Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The men are headed home!

Yes, my men (Nate is one of my "little men") are headed home later today and we are all ecstatic!  My cutie-pie 2-year-old son Micah thinks they have been in "You-Train" for two weeks.  I wonder what he thinks they have been seeing and doing there?!  

I don't have many pictures to share in this post other than pizza, pizza, and more pizza.  Apparently my guys sustain themselves on pizza when there are no women around to cook for them.

{Below}  One last pizza date with Daddy before their first flight headed home.  Hubby said a crowd of our church people traveled to the airport to see them off and there were many tears shed.  I am almost glad I wasn't there for that part of the trip... Goodbyes are just so hard!
For just about $5 more than their first time around, they found a nicer hotel in Kiev to stay in during their overnight layover.  (Their "overnight layover" was really only half of the night since they had to leave for the airport by 3:00 am.) From their description, their hotel this time was quite the upgrade from the one they stayed in two weeks ago... newer bathroom fixtures, nicer beds, air conditioning, fantastic view, etc...

{Below} And just to say they had the experience, they ate their dinner at Domino's Pizza.  Domino's Pizza, people!  In Ukraine!   (If you want an idea of the prices on the menu shown in the picture below, the current exchange rate is approximately 8 to 1.  This means a small, classic pizza costs around $5.50, a medium costs around $10, a large costs about $13, and an extra large is about $14.  A large "premium" pizza costs $18.)  Prices have been rounded to the nearest dollar or half dollar.  I'm curious to find out if it really tastes like authentic Domino's Pizza!
Hubby and I have missed each other like crazy.  Except those few days during camp when our telephone time was limited, we have enjoyed long "catching up" chats through the wonderful internet telephone service Skype.  In the picture below, you can see a photo that hubby sent me.  He was sitting in a cafe and had pulled out an old high school picture he had of me in his wallet.  Wonder if he was thinking about our dating years?  We dated FOUR years before we were married.... from the summer before my Senior year in high school to the summer before my Senior year in college!  Those were amazing days in my life, but I wouldn't want to go back.  I love where we are now in life too!
So, excuse me while I take another little blogging break to enjoy having our family reunited.  My next post will be a pregnancy update, but until then we'll be enjoying one another's presence again.... and I will be feeding my guys something other than pizza for awhile!


  1. Our family LOVES pizza! If we had Domino's Pizza here and it was that price, we would eat there often :) During a day trip to Finland a few years ago, we wanted "American" pizza. Sadly a large pizza cost about $50!!! We passed and found a different place to eat.
    It is hard when families are apart. I'm happy that you will all be together again real soon.

  2. So happy for you all to be reunited again. It's been fun getting a little peek into their trip!

  3. Praying for their long travels home and for your upcoming sweet reunion.

  4. I know all about that not wanting to go back. We are where we are in God's good time. And isn't each of our ages wonderful? Ooops - you won't know about this one for some time to come. But, it's good!! I know you'll be glad to have the rest of the family home.

  5. Loved it all and I AM hungry for pizza!
    Love you!

  6. Thanks for your letter my are Lord Jesus bless you and your whole family!

  7. I just wanted you to know that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog! I came upon it via my mother in laws blog (Roberta Ortiz my life as a pastors wife) and I just wanted to say whay a blessing your blog has been to me! I love coming and reading it and just seeing what you have posted! :)


    Sarah Oriz


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