Sunday, July 6, 2014

My In-Laws: Tommy & Mona Sloan

So, I am starting something I have wanted to do for a long time.  This will be a mini-series where I will introduce you to my hubby's family.  There are so many awesome things about David, but one of the best things I inherited when I married him is his family.  You can read a little more about his parents (2nd generation missionaries) and grandparents (1st generation missionaries) here.  

David is the sixth of eight children.  Four girls; four boys.  And my poor David was born right in the middle of all of those sisters.  So, he grew up with three brothers who didn't usually want to play with him and with four sisters that he didn't really want to play dolls with! 

It all worked out though, because he survived and they are all friends as adults. :-)

First up, I will introduce you to David's oldest brother: Tommy.  He was named after his father, and has followed his father's footsteps as a missionary to Mexico.  He married a pastor's daughter, Mona, from Austin, Texas. They have five awesome kids who are full of life and personality.  Their oldest daughter recently graduated from high school.  My oldest child Davey (who is 12 years old) was recently looking at pictures of his cousins in this particular family and said (with a voice that has started to deepen... what?!), "Mom, we're (the cousins) not a bunch of little kids anymore."  Wow.  He is so right!

Tommy is now the pastor of the church that their father started in Chiapas, Mexico, and the work is going strong.  He is also the founder and director of Compassion Radio, a 24-hour Spanish radio broadcast which reaches across an area of 5 million people in southern Mexico and Guatemala.
We are so proud of the work this family is doing for Christ!

And, I just have one thing to say to my nephew Hank that you see in the picture above:  "Hank, your Uncle David completely understands what it feels like to grow up in the middle of four girls.  You're gonna make it!" ;-)  (It is going to make him a great husband one day too.  Trust me!)


  1. I was just thinking about you this morning, and wondering how you all were doing. So excited to see a post! :) What a blessing to grow up with such a godly heritage. My boy is between his 2 sisters...he doesn't always play dolls the way big sister would like, and she doesn't seem to like trucks as much as he thinks she should! :)

  2. As I was looking at your outdated family picture :) that hangs on our fridge I was wondering how you all are doing. :) LOVE this kind of post! :)

  3. I was so excited when I saw your e--mail O started trying to read it all and of course I could not at one sitting I want to Tell you before I forget ( memory) Is bad but I am getting up their in years I wanted to tell you I still have the book that Bro David's Mother wrote and I enjoyed it so much that you e-mail will be another Joy to me I don't get to go very much have asthma and my breathing is very bad in this hot weather
    Again I say thank you very much for your letter I remember when you and David was at Bible Baptist Church before your first child was born and I gave David some letters from the VanSants about the Ukraine
    I love you very much

  4. corrie gearhartFriday, July 25, 2014

    Glad to see your post jolene. Been thinking about you - corrie


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