Thursday, December 23, 2010

Three Little Princesses

Probably the hardest thing about being foreign missionaries is leaving family. So, that is one of the sweetest parts of furlough... reuniting and catching up on the last couple of years.
For our children, that usually means meeting cousins they have not met. Since we are in an ever-growing family of cousins (for our children), there are always new little ones to meet.

When we came back this furlough, there were six cousins we had not met. And, for us, this is typical. After all, there are 28 cousins on hubby's side of the family with two on the way!
On our recent trip to Mexico, Brianna was able to spend some special time with two of her thirteen girl cousins (one we had never met; the other we barely knew). Their Mimi bought them matching dresses, and these three princesses waltzed through their backyard childish kingdom with fluff and flair, as though they had known each other their whole lives.
Brianna, cousin Sophie (Fizzie's daughter) and cousin Debbie (Anna's daughter)

Heading off to never-ever land...


  1. These pictures are beautiful; just adorable my friend!!! What special moments these little princesses are sharing, Jolene! Merry Christmas my dear friend! *Hugs*

  2. Beautiful pictures! The girls loved looking at them!

  3. They look so cute! And what beautiful dresses!

  4. Beautiful girls! Such precious faces n sweet smiles!


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