Friday, January 14, 2011

28 Twinkly Stars

Twenty-eight Twinkly Stars
A fairy tale about children stars and their journey into our hearts

For Christmas, I made a very special grandbaby "brag book" for my mother-in-law who has 28 grandchildren and two on the way! I thought it would be nice for her to have an updated picture of each of her grandchildren... all in one place... to show others. I mean, what grandma doesn't love to show off her grandchildren?!
I put all of the grandchildren in age order (age 14 down to 11 months), included full names and birthdates, and then wrote a poem to make it more like a "real" book, to not only be looked at, but to be read.
On Christmas Day, we sat Mom down in a rocking chair, had her grandbabies gather 'round, then let her open her book and read to her grandbabies. It was such a touching moment because every grandchild sitting there listening was a "star" character in the book!
I made this project through and thought I would share the idea on here. I am also including the poem, which may give you an idea for doing something like this for your own family one day! The possibilities for making your own photo book are endless!
(Above: Small picture of the front of the book)
Poem/story included in book:
Twenty-eight stars from Heaven above
Twenty-eight stars sent down with love

In ’96 fell the first surprise
Joanna her name, a twinkle in her eyes

For not far behind her another delivery
Floating down on a cloud fluffy and silvery

A girl by the name of Karla Rae
Bubbling and bouncing and ready to play

Another soon joined them, Miss Lydia Jean
The prettiest thing you’ve ever seen

But before more pink could be predicted
They needed a boy to feel protected

A cowboy star fell by request
Hank Mueller came straight from the West

For Heaven we’re told is indeed four-square
North, South, East, West – each direction is there

Then dancing and twirling so quickly behind
A Christmas gift of the rarest kind

A sweet girl full of merry delight
Desi Liane made her home so bright

Then two sweet boys - witty and clever
Held hands and jumped from the sky together

Steven landed just barely before
‘Cause Davey was riding a rainbow once more

With a sprinkle of fairy dust in their hair
Two maidens appeared in a swirl of air

Abi and Gaby dressed all in pink
Joined the others just quick as a wink

However, to bring the number to ten
Andrew Jonathon was a perfect win

Ten twinkly stars roamed the earth to and fro
But this was just the beginning, you know

For Josh and Nate and Sophie Grace
To make the world a better place

Brought laughter and smiles on their way down
To share with others who might wear a frown

Kenneth Dean with his talents to bring
Trailed just behind them on a little blue string

Elisabeth Grace, with glee and beauty
To shine with delight her only duty

Debbie, Jackie, and Sammy did leap
Staying close together, in an effort to keep

Their giggles and snuggles, oh so many
All within the same happy family

The next year their number soared to twenty
When two blue stars brought joys aplenty

Two cupids with bow and arrow in hand
Shooting love throughout the land

Charming Paul and Stewart Avery
Sparkled with courage and oodles of bravery

Star light, star bright,
The end of this tale is far from sight

For twenty stars made a wise little choice
To stand in a circle and call with one voice

Their call to Heaven in unison heard
By two splendid stars who heeded their word

“We need more stars with swirly glitter.
We need more stars to make things better.”

Brianna and Alyssa skipped hand in hand
With bows and bells and a happy band

With a skip in their step and joyous news
That three more stars would be coming too

Esther and Benjamin - another pair
Then Olivia’s brilliance joined them there

These three little stars came all in one year
These three little stars brought flowers and cheer

Then blue, yellow, orange, and green
The most enchanting boys you’ve ever seen

Mark and Levi, the names they were given
Stars number twenty-six and –seven

The last little star that has fallen down
A princess girl with a princess crown

Elisa Faith sits on her throne
The last little girl for all we know

For she has whispered in our ear
Of two more boys coming next year

Micah James and Caleb Philip
How we’re excited they’ve started their trip

For with these two boys, thirty we’ll be
Thirty shimmering stars so free

Free to roam the earth and play
To romp, run, and jump all day

If you gaze upward when the night is clear
You just might see three stars so dear

These three stars - the brightest of all
Who stand proud and firm and tall

Isaac, Elijah, and Jonathon too
Three boys we love who always knew

That in Heaven they wanted to stay
With Jesus forever to laugh and play

Twinkle, twinkle little star
This story’s end is truly quite far

Up above the world so high
More stars wait up in the sky

We never know when they might start
Their journey down into our heart

For now we enjoy our twenty-eight
But for more we delightfully wait.

THE END… for now


  1. Aahhh...Jolene, that is so sweet. It would have taken me years to write such a long poem! Wow - what a very special gift!

  2. This was beautiful, Mrs. Jolene! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is such a sweet, thoughtful, and unique gift! Props to you for such a great poem.

  4. Absolutely adorable!!! What a treasure this gift must be.

    Thanks for the great idea. I can't write a poem like that, but the picture with each child's information is a great idea for a grandma with lots of grandchildren.

  5. Your poem is amazing, Jolene! It made me smile and sheds some tears. What a sweet gift to give. The Lord is so good. ~Sherie

  6. You come up with the neatest ideas, Jolene. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. Awesome Jolene! Im sure your mother in law will cherish it always!

  8. Ah! That was fun!

  9. You are truly an AMAZING woman, Jolene. How special to make this for Mom. I would love to have a copy...waiting to hear how I can order one :) Get lots of rest before that 29th Star comes on the 24th! Can't wait!!! Love you! ~Ruthie

  10. What a special gift! You did a great job!

  11. I love that! That is a precious treasure to keep forever. You'll have to add pages in a few years. ;o) Love you, friend!

  12. HOW DEEEE!

    Greetings to each of you dear ones,

    I pray this finds all well. I just wanted to let Miss Jolene know how much I have enjoyed "hearing" from y'all through her blog. Bro. David, you are like me, brother, we both married "way out of our league" when GOD sent our brides to us!

    Miss Jolene, Thank you for what you did for Mrs. Sloan. I know she was honored with the photo book of all her grand babies. The poem was great, brought tears to this old man just reading it. I would have loved to be there when she opened it and to see her tears as she read through it.

    THANK YOU for all you "Kids" mean to this old man. GOD is so good to me!! I praise HIS DEAR NAME for allowing me to have met and to call "FRIEND" to each one of you. Thank you for sharing your lives with us here in Decatur!

    We truly love y'all! May the good hand of THE LORD always rest upon each one of you and each family member.

    In HIS Love,
    Craig and Ann

  13. These are great! I make them every year for our parents, but I don't have your writing skills! I just add captions to the pictures. Your poem was great!
    When are you due? I was thinking it was close.
    I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your furlough! and Wal Mart! :)

  14. Being an avid poem writer and having a love of poetry myself, I just loved reading yours for the book. That poem was absolutely the most loved filled rendition of a gift of Christian love I have ever read. What a blessing to cherish for many years to come!!!

    Way to go, Jolene! I just know your mother-in-"love's" heart is just overjoyed of the beautiful wife and mother you are that she has prayed for on behalf of her own son for so many years!

    I look forward to my own children's future of hope in the Lord as I know in your heart you do, too!

    Keep on keeping day, it WILL pay off!!!

    You are continually in our thoughts and prayers.
    Thank you for sharing.
    We love you!!!

    Felicia and family :)

  15. I loved it. You did a great job.
    Love and miss you.

  16. What a beautiful way to make a book I know she has really enjoyed it I know I did if you have heard the poem I wish you enough I wish you enough
    Much love to the Sloan family

  17. What fun memories the pictures from Forney brought to me!!!!!!!! I miss everyone and wish our time could have been longer; but I feel so blessed to have gotten to be there! Your 28 Twinkly Stars made me cry again...How precious each one is! So special in their own way!


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