Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brianna's 4th birthday

My beautiful, only daughter turned four this week! As I look into her eyes and thank God for her little life, I realize that this is the very age I was when I came to Christ. When I was four years old, as a dark-haired, dark-skinned, brown-eyed little girl, I was invited to ride a church bus for the first time. And my life forever changed.
My sweet Brianna has not had to live through the life I went through. By the time I was her age, I had been severely abused and neglected by my parents. I had lived in a foster home. I had been in the government's care. And, as far as I know, I had never heard the words "I love you."
But, praise God for His mercy to every generation! And because of God's amazing grace and care for me, I am able to watch my own little girl be reared in a happy, secure Christian home full of love and joy. Does it get any better than that?
We were able to celebrate Brianna's birthday two days in a row. Her actual birthday fell on a Sunday, and she had the joy of being in a supporting church in Austin, Texas, and feeling loved by the church people who paid extra attention to her. The pastor even took us to eat at Macaroni Grill where Brianna was sung "Happy Birthday" to in Italian! The next day found us celebrating at Chuck E. Cheese's with our friends, the Simpsons.
After Brianna's birthday party, we were invited to attend the birthday party of some new friends who had a petting zoo brought to their very own front yard. Our kids loved this!
Thank you, Jesus, for this beautiful girl you have given me that I am able to love and relish in her words, "I love you, Mommy." There is nothing like having a daughter of my own, and I am loving every minute of her sweet life!


  1. Very sweet post Jolene! Thankful for God's grace in all of our lives! Appreciate your testimony. Praise the Lord for your beautiful little daughter! Glad her day was special and that she has such a sweet Momma like you to love her.

  2. So precious Jolene! I'm so thankful for a loving and merciful Saviour!
    Thinking of you in North Dakota.

  3. Happy 4th Birthday precious Brianna! May you grow up to be a godly woman, just like your beautiful mommy!

  4. What a doll :) Give her a BIG hug from her Aunt Ruthie..."Love you, Little Lady!"

  5. Happy Birthday, Brianna!

  6. What a blessing and a privilege of raising such a beautiful little girl! Praying for you all as you await the birth of your little one.

  7. As always, your blogs are a blessing. I am praying for you all. It was so good to see you at North Valley, although it was brief. I wish my Job Corps girls could meet you, but I have told them about you. Take care, happy new year, love, MaryAnn

  8. Thank you. Beautiful little princess - just like her mommy!
    Praying for you all.

  9. Happy Birthday Brianna!!

    I remember just like it was yesterday the trip you guys made to Lubbock just before her second birthday. While I was in awe of Billie and enjoyed listening to you and David talk about missions, I absolutely fell in love with little Brianna and the best time walking and talking with her.

    (Of course, I'm partial to girls, and both my girls' middle name is Bryanna, so I might be a little biased!!)

    Still, it was such a blessing to meet you guys in person and I look forward to being able to visit with you again someday -- whether it's here or in Heaven.

    Give Brianna a big hug from (dare I say???) Honorary Uncle Garry and wish her a special happy birthday from me.

    You guys continue to be in my prayers as you travel and await the birth of your newest precious blessing from God.

    In Christ,


  10. Shes beautiful! happy Birthday Brianna from the kirbys!

  11. Hi,
    Nice to see your post again. Looks as if Brianna had a wonderful time at her parties. Glad she had the experiences.
    How are you doing, sweet friend? I hope that you are not too uncomfortable in these last weeks. You are in my prayers.

    Still wondering if we will be able to see you this trip. How soon after the baby comes will you be heading back to UK?
    Give those wonderful children a hug from me.
    Love to all,

  12. Happy Birthday pretty girl you are a pretty little girl and so sweet it was nice seeing you and I hope you have a real nice time while you are in the states.
    Ms Ginny

  13. Happy Birthday, Brianna! No sweet gift then not only having a saved mommy, but one who loves the Lord with all of her heart.


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