Monday, April 18, 2011

Missionary Monday - Banana Bread

I baked several loaves of banana bread last week.... and...
By the way, have I mentioned my new oven? The Lord blessed me with a new oven a couple of weeks ago! I have been without my very own stove/oven for 5 years. Yes, I did have my very own here, but... it is quite a long story.... Maybe I'll share the story on here one day. So, I have either used ones that were provided in rental apartments or done without. That is, until a few weeks ago. I am still getting used to my oven (it only shows the degrees in celcius and has several settings I am unaccustomed to), but I can tell it is going to be a beautiful friendship. So, back to the banana bread... Like I was saying, I baked several loaves of banana bread last week, and it reminded me of several years ago and scores of "mini loaves" that I made on a regular basis for awhile. We were helping to start a new church, so I would bake loaves and take them with us on visitation to give to people we were able to strike up a conversation with.
So, did we build a church on banana bread alone? Of course not, but I would like to think I helped a little. {smile}
The funny thing is, I was always asked for the recipe. Then later, those who tried out the recipe would come to me discouraged that their loaf had not turned out as good as what I had made. After awhile I figured out that "one cup" for them meant they would just grab a tea cup and fill it up with the ingredients. "One teaspoon" for them also meant just grab a teaspoon from the utensil drawer, fill it, and dump it in. Then, most people did not even own a loaf pan, so they would just bake it in whatever they had. After so many alterations, the recipe was doomed to fail! After that experience, I learned to start giving measuring cups and measuring spoons as gifts along with the recipe.
So, about that banana bread.... Sometimes we missionary wives with small children (like me right now with my two-month old and three other homeschooling children) cannot do alot that would be classified as "missionary work." But, if we get creative, there is actually so much that we can do for the Lord right from our own homes!
Is there anyone you need to bake banana bread for to invite to church? Easter Sunday is coming and someone just might need a little friendly, hospitable "persuasion" from you to visit your services!


  1. I have run into the exact same thing here in Kenya when people ask me for recipes. I have to rewrite the recipe in "Kenyan English"; then try to figure out the amounts with the utensils they will be using. I have not even seen measuring cups and spoons in this country! So glad I brought my own!

  2. LOVE your new oven! I'm so excited for you! Although I have done some banana bread, my thing has been the zucchini bread. I love the Ukrainian's reaction after they find out that it is made with zucchini...and still SO tasty. :)

  3. As I was reading your blog I was enjoying a piece of banana bread myself! :) I run into the same problem with giving out recipes! They also usually ask me why everything we make is measured so specifically! Ha. I have given out measuring cups and spoons from America as gifts here too.
    I was also thinking that for Easter I should make some zucchini bread to give out for Easter with tracts and such. They do love the breads here in Russia too and their eyes get huge when I tell them it was made from zucchini. Great looking oven too! I love mine. I have had it since we arrived here 11 years ago and it is still kicking. If you play around with it long enough you will find the ideal settings. They are quite different from ovens stateside. God bless you guys!

  4. Congratulations on your new oven and what a great idea, giving treats along with your church tract/invitaion to Easter service. I so enjoy your blog, Jolene. Thank you!

  5. Great post for ladies to do something for others! Your oven looks beautiful; I'm sure your family will enjoy many delicious things from it! :)

  6. Jolene that is such a great idea! I pray your bread brings in lots of people. May God Bless your family and that wonderful oven.

  7. I have taught a lady in our church how to make it and she now has her own banana bread business. She had been using our oven but has gotten money to buy her own now. I guess banana bread is universal tool.

  8. Love the stove! I am so happy that you have one now! Made me want to bake just reading about it! Love you!

  9. Ulises and FizzieTuesday, May 03, 2011

    Dear David and Jolene,

    I just wanted to let you know how precious you are to us. Your faithfulness, your obvious love and surrender to the Lord and to each other is so beautiful to see.

    I thank the Lord for you each morning. I am proud of you!

    I am proud of you for following God, for leaning on Him, for trusting Him, and for allowing Him to use you!

    I enjoy keeping up with your blogs, reading and trying to imagine the things you experience. Although I don´t leave a comment, I do read them and pray for your needs that you post. That awesome idea of bannana bread is something I am going to do when we get home. Thanks!

    If there is ANYTHING we can do for you, it would be our honor, so please let us know.

    I love you and praise the Lord for your lives.

    Ulises and Fizzie

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