Monday, June 13, 2011

Mavericks and Missionaries

This one is for the guys... (and I know you're out there, because many of you have confessed to being readers!)
Missionaries have a human side.  There is the part of us that has our interests, hobbies, and special things that we enjoy that has little to do with the ministry.... (other than the importance of having fun on the mission field!)  One of those things in our home is basketball, and our favorite team has always been the Dallas Mavericks.  All three of our boys were born in Decatur, Texas, which is just 66 miles north of Dallas. So, I guess you could say our boys were born into it!
Out in our little "no name" village, we have no television signal.  We also have pretty slow internet.  But, hubby keeps up with his favorite team by reading sports and news websites from time to time.  However, what do you do when it is the Finals and your all-time favorite team is playing and you have no way of watching it?  Well, hubby found a man in town that would record the Finals onto a DVD disc for less than four dollars a game.  One of the times hubby went to pick up his game disc, he was caught in a hailstorm!  
The man who sold the disc to hubby called him an "extremist."  We got a great laugh out of it since, of course, he had not planned it that way. 

Anyway, the Mavericks won the Finals yesterday {whoo hoo!}, and the men who live under my roof are rejoicing.  My living room has become a basketball court while my front door is one goal and the back door is the second goal.

So, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."  Brianna and I are certainly outnumbered in this household of boys.  So, what do we do?  Well, Brianna joins in the games while I am making plans with hubby to build a mini basketball court outside.  {shhh!  Don't tell the boys our secret!} This is going to be quite a summer!


  1. FUN! It would have been pretty crazy to have had our kids (our girls included) together to watch the finals :) Ours was one excited household, too :) We were thrilled with the results...GO MAVS!!! Love you, Jolene :)

  2. Awww...Sounds familiar.

    I can think of a few guys around here who, in their spare time, also are caught looking in on the latest sports updates. It's fun to watch/hear them go from rejoicing over spiritual victories won to sitting around the livingroom excited about the latest sports champion. I think it is one way of de-stressing over constant ministry pressures.

    Hugs to your ((HANDSOME)) men from me!!!!

    I love you!

  3. Oh Jolene, first I LOVED all your beautiful wedding pictures, from your older post. Just gorgeous! You two look SO HAPPY together and how our Heavenly Father has blessed you! So, Happy Anniversary my dear sister in the Lord!

    And, my sweetheart was born and raised near Fort Worth, Texas, and is a big fan of "all Dallas teams." =) He was pretty excited the other day, too! Your Mav fans look so cute!


  4. So cute!!!! How is your little Micah?

  5. Hi Jolene,
    I enjoyed your comments about your "men" loving the games of basketball. My husband and 3 sons enjoy it as well. My granddaughter who just graduated this year also enjoyed playing the game in highschool. The others that are coming up enjoy it very much. Actually, the boys love whatever sport happens to be in season. I have often thought that sports doesn't build character necessarily, but certainly "reveals" character. When the chips are down, and our team is losing ground, it takes stamina and character to "fight" until the end. I always told my boys: "Do your very best in EVERYTHING - whether it is in the classroom in math, out witnessing for the Lord, or on the basketball court". Of course, since I have two sons who have done much coaching, at elementary, junior high, highschool, and even college level, I have come to love the game as well. I attend many sports events to watch our grandchildren play. What fun! What enjoyment! It brings back the days of watching our sons play! God is good to allow us this privilege!
    Thanks for allowing us to see that side of your sweet family! It was indeed a blessing!
    Love & Prayers,
    Mrs. Hickman


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