Friday, July 1, 2011


Visit my sister-in-law, Anna's blog here to see why I am humbled...


  1. What a wonderful blessing and encouragement for you! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. What an encouragement you are, Jolene! How wonderful to see what God can do in the life of a willing, obedient child of His. May the Lord continue to bless you, preserve you, and use you for His honour and glory!

    Love in Him,

  3. My dear sister in the Lord, thank you so much for sharing this link. Wow, I got "chill bumps" reading about your name and testimony. It reminded me of Joseph, in God's Word, telling his brothers, "What you meant for harm, God turned for good!"

    You are a BRIGHT LIGHT for our King Jesus, Jolene! *Hugs*

  4. That was such a blessing, Jolene. You have been a blessing to me as a missionary wife whom I looked up to through Bible college and still do. Your testimony is such a blessing, and BJ and I used it to encourage our bus girls to live for God in spite of their circumstances when we worked on bus 9.

  5. Dear Jolene,

    Just wanted to add to Anna's blog and say thank you for who you have allowed the Lord to make you. You have certainly become an inspiration and encouragement to me. I appreciate your dedication to your husband, children and ministry in the Ukraine.

    Being a missionary myself, I know what things you would go through over in Ukraine, and I know that it has not always been easy for you and David. Thank you for faithfully serving the Lord and telling them about Christ.


  6. Sweet you!

    Have a beautiful day!

    I love you!

  7. What a testimony to you and your life! I know our desire for our little Kaitlyn Jolene is that she live a life pleasing to the Lord and we could not think of a better role model than you! Thank you for sharing this. You are a blessing to our family.

  8. That's so precious, Jolene. You are an inspiration to me too! Love you, Maria

  9. It's encouraging to hear stories like yours. We are grandparents raising our granddaughter as well.

  10. Boy, Jolene...I could not keep the tears from flowing as I read this. What a blessing and encouragement to you and for the Lord for sure!!!

    Our testimonies are so similar in so many ways....I, too, was taken to bars with my step-father when I was a child. How I hated the smell of those places. They forever left an impression upon my mind of NOT ever wanting to go back in there when I was old enough to make my own choices. I am so thankful that God placed within you and within me a desire to know and serve the LORD! I have been told that my name comes from a television actress named Felicia on a daytime soap-opera show called General Hospital whose boyfriend's name was Frisco. Don't know much about it, but I DO know it is NOTHING I am SURE that I want to promote or emulate!!!

    I am so blessed to be able to call you my friend. You know, you always do your very best to appear upbeat, encouraging and full of joy when you write, and I am just as "pleased as punch" for you for that. But, I also know that being in the Lord's service is NOT all encouraging, joyful and always a happy place to be. Therefore, I want you to know that you are that much MORE of such a blessing! You hang in there when the going gets tough! You keep encouraging yourself in the LORD like the David of the Bible when things seem so enormous and over whelming! Always remember that there is NOTHING that the LORD brings into our lives that we cannot handle along with Him and His grace and power. Oh, I know that you already know all that, and you have heard just as much preaching on the subject as I have if not more. But, sometimes, the old Slewfoot just gets in our day and reeks havoc on all we as mothers seeking to raise our children for him and all that we are trying to do for Christ. When those days come, please know that somewhere across this globe in a little town called Searcy, AR you have a sister-in-Christ that holds you & your family up in prayer.

    What a blessing it is to read your bogs and your posts to my children, showing them your picture that bears your beautiful, radiant smile! Truly, David has been blessed with a beautiful wife who is beautiful for the Lord inside and out!!!--and I am SO thankful he knows that, too! :)

    Thank you for breaking generational curses and striving to pass on a goodly heritage to your little ones! You truly are a trophy of God's grace that I am so blessed to "show-off" and share with others because of the high standard you have set and the Godly testimony you have!

    I love you, Jolene! *Hugs*, *Hugs* and more *Hugs* :D

    J - Joyful for the Lord,
    You choose to be.
    O - Optimistic for Christ,
    No matter what you see.
    L - Loving the Lord
    With all your heart,
    E - Eternally gratefully
    From the very start.
    N - Never quitting
    No matter come what may,
    E - Enlightening others
    By sharing God's way.

    ~What I think of when I hear or see your name...

    Love you, Girl! Praying you have a sweet day in the Lord!!!
    Your "BFF" (BIBLE-Following Friend) :D
    Isa. 26:3&4

  11. Dear Anna and Jolene,

    I am writing so that both of you will read what I am saying as if we were sitting around Aunt Billie´s kitchen table talking, because I know deep down that is exactly where we would all like to be right this very minute!

    I am so imressed with your blog entry, Anna. The one about Jolene. You know, Jolene, you are a tribute of God´s grate and I know how proud that Anna and all of your sisters are of having you in the Sloan-Ashcraft family.

    We have our own "good name" sister: Jenny. I do not know a better Christian than Jenny, my sister. God{s presence has been so evident in her life. The way that God set her aside for Jonathan so many years ago, and prepared her perfectly for our family just blows me away!

    Jolene, not only are you perfect for David, you are perfect for US! It is like you were reared, protected and guided into being our sister.

    God bless you today, so far away from us, serving God through being David´s wife. You are a sweet blessing to all of us. I am looking at your prayer card on my dest right now. I took it out of my prayer book to copy and put on our missions buletine board tomorrow. We are starting our missions month tomorrow morning and we will be introducing you to our church family during Sunday School

    God bless you!


Thank you for your encouraging comments! "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." Proverbs 25:25