Monday, July 4, 2011

You Might Be a Missionary Kid If...

■You flew before you could walk.

■The U.S. is a foreign country.

■You watch a documentary on National Geographic and recognize someone.

■You consider a city 500 miles away to be "very close."

■You’re only 7 years of age, but speak with authority about the quality of airline travel.

■You’re in college now, but the stringy hair and braces picture taken while you were in 5th grade is still gracing refrigerators all across America.

■Your father stops 8 times on the way to church to pick up 19 people in his 12 passenger van (and this seems normal to you.)

■You own personal appliances with 3 types of plugs, know the difference between 110 and 220 volts, 50 and 60 cycle current, and realize that an adaptor isn't always enough to make your appliances work.

■Monday is your "Day of Rest"

■You marvel at the cleanliness of gas station restrooms.

■You think VISA is a document stamped in your passport, and not a plastic card you carry in your wallet.

■You automatically take off your shoes when you get home.

■You wonder what a dryer sheet is.

■You've been lost in a large, foreign airport and knew what to do.

■You don't know how to count American money.

■You know what a water closet is.

■Adults want to pay you to teach them English.

■You believe vehemently that football is played with a round, spotted ball.

■You think in grams, liters, and meters.

■Your family stores buckets of water in your kitchen and bathroom. 

■You've spoken in dozens of churches but aren't a pastor.

■The majority of your friends don't speak English.

■Someone brings up the name of a team and you get the sport wrong.

■You can amuse yourself for hours with a cardboard box.

■When you are on furlough, you or any one of your siblings could step into the pulpit and finish your dad’s sermon because you know it by heart.

■You can't answer the question, "Where are you from?" or.... "Where are you from?" has more than one reasonable answer.

■You speak two languages, but can't spell either.

■You`re 18 and you have a passport, but no driver's license.

■Your life story uses the phrase "Then we went to ..." five times.

■Your family sends you peanut butter and Kool-Aid for Christmas.

■You sort your friends by continent.

■You are grateful for the speed and efficiency of the U.S. Postal Service.

■You realize that furlough is not a vacation.

■You know how to pack.

■ You don't think that two hours is a long sermon.

■You don't know whether to write the date as month/day/year, day/month/year, or some variation thereof.

■011 is a familiar area code.

■You do your personal devotions in another language.

■You understand the meanings of "living by faith" and the "power of prayer."

And the list could go on and on, my friends....


  1. Funny -- so many of those are familiar to me -- I know the 011 international area code, too. Not nearly half the others, but the travel ones, and prayers -- absolutely!

  2. So familiar!

    What a unique privilege to be raised on the mission field.

    Hugs to those precious MKs in your home (including the big one)!

    I love you, Sister!

  3. Love this! Thank you for posting it & for being a "missionary kid" :)

  4. I was smiling or laughing the entire time. :)

  5. This is great! It gave me a laugh this morning! Could relate to SO many of them. Thanks Mrs. Sloan:)

  6. Jolene, this is great. I could so relate to this post! Can I link to this post from my blog? It fits MK's sooo well!

  7. MK's get have such a great life!! So many things other kids don't get to experience! Thanks.
    Love ya,

  8. Hilarious!!! I was given a sheet with many of these at our Mission Board's Candidate School. Love it!
    Do you mind if I link to this on a future Missionary Monday???

  9. Aint that the truth?! ALL of it! On the 4th I wore my American Flag scarf and my 4 year old daughter saw it and said, "Mom, is that for Argentina?" Poor girl didn't even know what flag it was. Only an MK! I am glad that she will be blessed to learn of Old Glory and Argentina, too!
    Thanks for sharing this great list!

  10. This is great. Thanks for posting it. So very true. I have a similar list on my site,

    about midway down on that page.


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