Saturday, September 7, 2013


Since I was on such a long hiatus from blogging, I missed posting about my kiddos' birthdays this year.  I am sure they are going to look on here one day and ask, "Mom, what happened to 2013?"  So, in an effort not to disappoint, here they are...  
We begin birthday celebrations almost as soon as we break out the calendars for the new year.  Brianna and Micah both have January birthdays, so we glide smoothly right into these parties after all of the holiday cheer. After all of the red and green, we gladly welcome the color change into pinks and purples. 
We spent Christmas in southern Mexico and were traveling to California {People, that is a long trip driving with 4 kiddos!}, and our half-way mark was El Paso, Texas, where we were able to stop in and spend a few days with cousins.  Brianna loved the break from traveling, the time spent with girly cousin friends, and the birthday celebration at Peter Piper Pizza.

Once we were settled into our new home {staff housing at the church} for the next 5 months, it was time to celebrate our littlest guy's transition into the terrible terrific twos.  
When I was busy cutting and distributing cake, Micah grabbed his candle and took a bite out of it.  Guess that was a good lesson for him in learning that not all things that look pretty taste good!  Wow... if that was any indication of what his year of being two would look like, I would have hidden  in a closet right then and there.  Of all of my children, Micah is the one who has kept me on my toes the most keeping him out of trouble and danger.  I never thought anyone could outdo Nate's wild and wooly toddler days, but Micah has proven me wrong.  I seriously should be journaling all of his escapades!

In May, right after school let out, we celebrated Davey's 11th birthday at an indoor kid-park called Bounce-a-rama.  I am thrilled with how our kids have adjusted to school and making new friends.  They fit in as though they have always been here...

{Below}  What can I say?!  The things you think are cool when you are in middle school!

Nate enjoyed Davey's birthday so much, that when his rolled around two months later, he wanted to go to the same place to celebrate.  In July, we rounded up his summer-lovin' buddies and took them for the indoor, air-conditioned Bounce-a-rama as well.  
Though a Mexican-style face dunk into the cake was attempted at Davey's birthday party, it was successfully fulfilled and thoroughly enjoyed on Nate's big day.

I love these kiddos that are growing much too quickly under my {albeit un-approving} watch.  Why, oh why, do they have to keep insisting on birthdays and getting older?!

And to think... next year we will be celebrating FIVE kid birthdays in our house!

Did I just say "five"?!

I never, ever would have thought that I would become the mother of five children, but here I am {almost... just 11 weeks before my due date}, and guess what?  It is not as scary and intimidating as I would have thought.  It is tremendously wonderful!


  1. Jolene, loved every picture--especially the bitten candle and the funny faces made by some very creative boys. :o) Thanks for sharing, and God bless you and the family.

  2. Thanks for sharing your family's special days! Your kids are still adorable even though they insist on growing up! Love Brianna's hair cut! And the photo of Micah with his cake and then after taking a bite of the candle are too precious! Praying for you as you get closer to the big date for #5!

  3. Great pics...Can't believe how grown up they are getting to be...I ADORE Brianna's cute little bob haircut SUPER CUTE!!...{I don't know if I should show it to my Clara, she would LOVE it and want the same!! She has already been asking me for a cut like that ;) }
    and Micah's "missing a bite candle" totally cracks me up! Sounds like something my Brenna would try!
    Hope you have smooth sailing through your last trimester and delivery!

  4. Ah, such fun birthday parties!!! Precious pictures, sweet sister! *Hugs*

  5. Jolene, I loved the precious pictures of your "cumplea├▒eros" (Birthday Children). I think my favorite picture...well, all of them were precious...but the one that spoke volumes was the one of the bite out of the candle...had to be Micah's teeth prints! So darling.

    Davy and Nate are not little any more, are they? I will miss being with you for this birth. I've been with you all four times, and they have been so special! One of the special memories, after Davy's birth, was getting to stay with the newborns' siblings...Davy, when Daddy was still here...Davy and Nate in OK City, when Brianna was born...and back in Decatur, when Micah was born. I loved keeping my grandchildren while Mommie was gone...just something special about being alone with my grandchildren. I think they like it, too.

  6. Thanks for all the birthday pictures!!

  7. Time just goes by so fast, doesn't it!?! Love your family! *Hugs* & prayers!

  8. Praying for y'all and the new little one! Love you

  9. Can't believe how fast your kids are growing!! And Joel's kids are growing up, too! Glad you guys are settled in CA.

  10. The pictures were great! That is so funny that Micah decided to sample the candle.

  11. Happy Birthday to your cute kiddos! What a blessing to see that everyone is settling in and making new friends!

  12. Your boys have some good young friends to hang around!

  13. Dear Jolene,
    I think five is a great number! We have 3 boys and 2 girls. :)
    Love, Mary Bottrell

  14. I love you! Thank God for Moms like you, may we have thousands more filled with the grace and love of God toward our children.
    Eleven weeks, coming fast and I am so excited for you. May the Lord keep you in His tender care.

  15. Thank you Jolene for the update. I love reading your blogs. Pray for you guys all the time. Love,Sooz

  16. What a wonderful time y'all are having! Speaking as the Mom of 6(!) I know you will be thrilled to be the Mom of 5. My oldest will be 50 in November and my youngest will be 40 in January; with the 4 inbetween these "youngsters" are my life...other than the Lord...much love for you and all the Sloans, Lord bless you!!


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