Friday, October 11, 2013

30 weeks

I really, really don't like sharing pictures of myself!  However, I realize that these pregnancy pictures are not actually of me... they are of a growing little miracle inside of me.  So, you are seeing... not me.... but my sweet baby girl growing.
My photographer is an 11-year old big brother, so while the fence may not look straight in these comparison pictures, I appreciate his patience with me.  I am sure there are other things he would rather be doing than taking pictures of his Mom.

As I write this post, I am actually 34 weeks along.  Only 6 weeks left to wait... 42 days... {Oh, yes, I am counting down!} It seems surreal that another little person will soon be joining our family.  The funny thing about the countdown is big sister Brianna.  You could probably ask her at any given moment how many days are left until her baby sister's due date, and she could answer correctly.  She is like a giddy girl counting down to her wedding date {but we won't think about that countdown for awhile!}

It is fun for me to watch my older three children (ages 11, 9, and 6) with other people's toddlers and babies. It has really hit me lately how good they are with little ones.  Anytime I babysit for a friend, it is a breeze. I'm not sure when I got here, but having these ages of children is a wonderful stage of motherhood.  So, while my two-year-old may still be a handful and a newborn on the way may seem daunting, my older three give me hope and serve as a great reminder that those more difficult, younger days pass way too quickly!

My oldest two boys and hubby go out on church visitation every Saturday morning (and I go with the ladies on Tuesdays), so I have decided that, from now on, those few quiet morning hours will now be "baking time" for 6-year old Brianna and I.  {Two-year old Micah will still be home, but we'll find something constructive for him to do... like banging pots and pans together while we work - Ha!}  I am looking forward to our first official date tomorrow morning, and I know Brianna is too.

Daughters are absolutely wonderful.  But you know what?  Sons are too!  Motherhood is truly a gift from the Lord, and I am grateful for the task the Lord has given me of rearing these amazing people who live under my roof and in my heart.


  1. Amen! All children are special gifts from the Creator. I am so glad you are doing well and that Little Girl will soon add herself to your family. She will change all your lives. God bless you!

  2. Not much longer!!! You look great! Motherhood truly is a gift from the Lord.

  3. So glad for your update! I'm excited for your family with baby soon to be here. Praise the Lord all is going well! I hope you and your family are doing well:) Have a blessed day!

  4. You look just beautiful. I can't see that you're growing at all, other than a little stretch in the belly area. :)
    Can't wait to meet your baby girl. Beka informed me yesterday that she really, really wants a baby sister. Here I thought she was happy to be the baby girl, but she assured me that she wouldn't mind giving up her place. :)
    Yes, daughters AND sons are wonderful. Enjoy your date this morning. ♥

  5. You look so great and I love your skirt! Can't wait to see you beautiful baby girl. :)

  6. Beautiful pictures...
    Beautiful Mommie!
    This is the first time I will miss one of your births. But I know you're surrounded by lots and lots of ladies who love you and who will be a blessing to you.
    I love you.

  7. Praying for you all - present and anticipated.

  8. I can hardly wait to meet my new expected niece. Although I have 15 nieces, she will always have a very special place in my heart. Each one is loved and unique.

  9. Congratulations Jolene! So excited for you guys :-)

  10. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful~

    What a sweet time to be expecting a gift from God.


  11. I really do enjoy your blog it is a blessing for me have been down for a few weeks and was wondering how you were I know you will be glad when the day gets here you are blessed to have children I wanted 6 bur the first little girl died at birth and I was blessed with two beautiful girls.

    Are you and David still missionary's? I try to keep up with the Van Sants but not sure where they are .
    Love you and still praying

  12. You look beautiful! So happy for you! It's good to hear from you! May the Lord bless all your sweet family. Will be waiting to hear the announcement!


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