Monday, June 8, 2009

VBS - Day 1

Vacation Bible School started today! We set up in a new neighborhood this year, and had 45 kids on the first day! Normally VBS is run in Pastor Bob's backyard (and we call it "Backyard Bible Clubs") or we will just set up in between some apartment buildings. We chose the latter this year. Since we have never done anything in the neighborhood of our city orphanage, David decided to set up close to their buildings and use the orphans to help us bring visitors in. This is also a terrific opportunity for us to spend more time with our orphans. So, for this first day we had about 75% percent orphans and missionary kids, and the rest were new. We hope to increase our percentage of new kids each day.... So pray for us to reach out to new families this week!!!

Here are a few highlights from the day, in pictures:

LESSON TIME (that's my Brianna in the front, looking at the camera)





By the way, I would love some feedback. If anyone has seen or done anything in their churches that has really worked, let us know!

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