Tuesday, June 16, 2009

VBS - Day 2 (Tuesday)

Well, this wouldn't be the mission field if we didn't lose power, live without water, or do things the hard way from time to time. This time we were without internet for more than a week for no explainable reason. As missionaries, we know to be flexible, so this was really "no biggie" for us. However, I thought I should explain why my little plan of posting our VBS pictures daily did not work out. So, here I am catching up and hoping that you enjoy seeing how the Lord blessed our week!

On this particular day, we had 10 salvations! Here are a few highlight photos:

TODAY'S CROWD (We wisened up and moved to the shade! We also changed our seating arrangement so that we had fewer rows. This was a huge improvement!)



(They had to pop each other's balloons but try to keep their own from being popped)

CRAFT (hat painting)


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