Friday, February 12, 2010

The BIG birthday present revealed

I was thrilled at the participation from my last post, to the question concerning Brianna's BIG birthday present, "Any guesses on what it could possibly be?" All kinds of guesses came pouring in to my inbox and as comments right on my blog... guesses such as: pony, dollhouse, puppy, Bible, sled, bicycle, tricycle...

But, no one guessed the real big-ticket item... a new bed!
For the last year, Brianna has been sleeping on her crib mattress, on the floor. It's a long story, but we did not have a crib for the mattress. I'm not sure I would have liked having the mattress in a crib, anyway, since having it on the floor allowed her to get in and out of her bed on her own.

Since Brianna's birthday comes so soon after Christmas, we were able to use some monetary gifts that were sent to our entire family as a Christmas gift to buy Brianna's bed. We talked it over with our boys since the money was sent for them as well, and everyone unanimously agreed that we wanted to spend it this way. Our thanks to Mimi and our sweet friends Larry and Vicki for the Christmas money! I also had some birthday money from my own big day to add in as well. So, Brianna's bed... her very first... was a gift from friends and family.

We chose a full-size bed, in order to use Brianna's room as a guest bedroom for the many guests that will grace our home in the years to come. For now, Brianna is sharing her room on a daily basis with her very own big brother, Nate, to give him a quiet place to work on his video homeschooling.

I also wanted to use this post to show you that Brianna's room is the very first room (other than the bathroom) in our home that has been finished. We still lack doors (for the entry and closet) and baseboards. And, since the above picture was taken, we have added curtains. But, maybe I can do another post showing the entire room in its completion, once it is fully done. However, isn't it just beautiful?! I could have only dreamed for a room like this when I was a little girl!

We pray every night with our children before they go to sleep, that they will have sweet dreams. I don't think Brianna is going to be having any problems with that, though, do you?!


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday Brianna!

    What a beautiful bedroom for a beautiful little girl.

    The Hosford Family

  2. Happy Birthday Brianna! Your new bed (and room) is just beautiful sweet princess!


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