Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Brianna turns three!

Last month my sweet, one-and-only daughter turned three. And, I am more than just a little sentimental about it! (Sniff, sniff)

David said, "For Brianna's birthday, I would give anything to just not plan anything... but let Brianna decide what to do next all day." So, this is what we did for her third birthday. We planned NOT to plan! (And that is something unique in our family since David and I are King and Queen Planner).

You can follow where our journeys took us on Brianna's big day through these pictures and comments...

We started out in a grocery store. First and most important task of the day: choose a birthday cake. (We do not have an oven yet, or else I gladly would have baked Brianna a cake. Good thing is, she doesn't really know the difference yet anyway!)Got suckers at the check-out. Suckers + 3 kids = sheer bliss Brianna chose to have lunch at McDonald's. We had not planned a party or anything extra here. However, one of the managers who conducted Davey's birthday party in the birthday room last May was working on this day. She fell in love with Brianna on Davey's big day and has always remembered her. When we walked in, she showered affection on Brianna, and I proudly informed her that her little doll chose to eat here on her birthday. She immediately ushered us to her "office" - the birthday room! So, for not a penny extra, Brianna got to sit in the birthday chair and have lunch with the manager who blew up balloons (much to Brianna's amazement because they were done on a machine) while she ate.
Happy girl with her favorite man in all of the world!
After naps (yep, still have to take those even on your birthday if you're only 3 in this house!), Brianna talked to her Mimi through Skype. She hasn't seen her Mimi in over a year, but she still remembers her!
Brianna, with the chocolate cake she chose. (Chocolate... a woman after her Mommy's heart!)
The birthday gift Brianna chose for herself while we were in the store. She has played with these for HOURS!
She will make a great seamstress one day!
Posing with my very best girlfriend in all of the world!
At the end of the day, I gave Brianna her first haircut. It was just a trim, but nonetheless special since it was her first.
Brianna's hair after her trim

There was one other thing that we bought Brianna while we were out shopping... something very BIG. This BIG present took up a large chunk of our day, and I look forward to showing you what it is in my next post!

Any guesses on what it could possibly be?


  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to a very sweet girl. This is precious! She made some very good decisions. The only thing I can come up with for the "big" gift, is a pony!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Brianna!! It sounds like you all had a great time. I am guessing a bicycle or tricycle of some sort. I sure she loved it whatever it was.

    Love the blogs!! Thanks for sharing them.


  3. Your girl is adorable. She's a mini-you! :) I can't believe JJ is about to turn 2 so I can only imagine what you're feeling. :( The only thing I can think of that is big is a bicycle.

  4. What a beautiful little girl Jolene! Sounds like she had a very special birthday.

  5. I didn't realize how close she was in age to our Anna! I'm sure they would have tons of fun together. For the big gift, my first thought was a puppy...but with the freeze, snow, etc, I'm going with a sled. :)

  6. I can't believe she is already three! She is so adorable. I'd guess her big gift would be a big-girl Bible of her very own! Am I close?

  7. Happy Birthday to Brianna!!!

    She is so ADORABLE!

    B.day gift: I am guessing it's a doll-house...

  8. They grow so fast.I agree with Leah that she is a mini you!I am guessing a big dollhouse as well for her "big" gift. Happy Birthday Brianna!


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