Thursday, September 9, 2010

Prayer stickers

The Lord gave me an idea when we were on deputation (nearly 10 years ago!) that we have used ever since, and, when I was ordering more stickers online today for our upcoming furlough, I thought I would share the idea here on my blog.

One of the fun things that kids (and adults alike!) can find at our missions display table when we are traveling in America are stickers to put in their Bibles. I grew up in a church where my pastor encouraged the children to go by the missionary display tables to get their Bibles signed by the missionaries. I realize now how wise my pastor was in making missionaries heroes to children (not because we are heroes... it just gets their eyes off of the world's "heroes").

We have been in many churches where children have asked for our signatures on the inside covers of their Bibles as well. It is sincerely humbling when this happens. Somewhere along the way, I came up with the idea of giving out stickers to encourage them to pray for us, and we have seen these stickers "return" to us in later years as kids proudly show us stickers that have been in their Bibles for several years already. I do not take for granted the prayers of children. In fact, I believe their prayers have been crucial to what we do here on the mission field.

I was reminded just recently of our "prayer stickers" when the Thompsons were visiting us from America, and their daughter showed us the inside flap of her Bible. And, yep, there we were! It was very touching to me to see how proud she was of her "Sloan sticker." And, I am SURE that she has prayed for us even more because of it.


So, if any of you other missionaries want to use the idea as well, go for it! Our stickers are feeling awfully lonely in those Bibles out there. Wouldn't it be wonderful to one day see columns of stickers in children's Bibles of missionary families for whom they are praying? I love it how they know each of us by name and always remember what country we are serving in because of their sticker reminder.

And, by the way, those stickers are just address labels! Such an inexpensive way to encourage extra prayers!


  1. this is a cute idea! We were at one conf where the missionary wife handed kids globe stickers with a heart on her country. That was sweet, but your idea is much more memorable! Where do you order from?

  2. this is a cute idea! We were at one conf where the missionary wife handed kids globe stickers with a heart on her country. That was sweet, but your idea is much more memorable! Where do you order from?

  3. Fantastic Idea! Could you share what company you order these from? I definitely want to do this for our family.

  4. What a great idea! We are also planning a short furlough Dec. - March. Just might have to use this! Hope our paths will cross. This will be our first time back since coming in 2006 so any other tips would be greatly appreciated!!!

  5. I still have your sticker in my Bible! Can't wait to get a new one.

    Love you lots!

  6. To those who asked, I order online from Vista Print. I like this particular company because you can add your own picture and work with the text and colors using their advanced editing tool.

    Once we were in "check out," we realized they did not offer a big enough quantity (we were wanting 1,000), and I would have had to redesign and pay shipping again to order more. So, we just called them, they got onto our "check-out" page and added the extra orders (which only they could do... the customer is not able to do this from his computer). I was so pleased with this service!

  7. I'll be sure to get one when you all are at our church. Looking forward to it, by the way!

  8. Great Idea Jolene! If you are coming through Arkansas on furlough I would love to see you guys, If not at our church I am sure at one near us.

  9. That is a great idea. If you are in Northeast Pennsylvania we would love to see you. You have a place to stay. Praying for you!!

  10. That is a GREAT idea!!! Thanks for linking this post to the post you did earlier today. :)


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