Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Tour Israel series" Button

In case my other blogging friends are interested, I have created another button for your sidebars.  This one will direct your readers right to any posts labeled "Israel" on this blog.  Since there are many posts to come on this topic in the near future, I am hoping this will be a great resource for you and your readers.  

The fun is about to begin, so come on over {and invite some friends along with you}!
Tour Israel series
And, just in case you were wondering, I typically only blog 1.4 times a week.  Yes, I know... the exactness of that statistic is pretty humorous, but I just checked out my blog stats and that is the number I was shown.  

However, you are going to be seeing me around in blog-o-world a lot more often while we are in Israel.  Typically, I guess you could say I have a personal conviction about how often a person should spend on the computer... especially when that person, like me, has many, many other things {ahem, people} that need my time.  And those precious people are oh, so much more important than this screen I am looking at.  

Anyway, what is my personal threshold for how often a person should blog?  Well, apparently for me that has come to the grand total of 1.4 times a week, {though my goal is twice a week}.  You other bloggers have to make the decision of how often you should blog for yourselves.  I'm just a "1.4" gal.

Really, my blogging "time goal" is simple: more than anything, I don't want my kids to think of me as a "computer mom."  In fact, I don't want them to think that their mom knows much of anything about a computer so I try to sneak in my posts and e-mailing when they are not looking.  Also, I don't want to use my blog to show the world that I'm a great mom (like seems to be a popular blogging trend).... I'd rather spend time just being a great mom.

But, for these two following reasons, I am going to be blogging more over the next couple of months:
1)  Hubby is encouraging it.  This is definitely #1 for me.  
2)  I have the time.  We only came to Israel with small suitcases and some schoolbooks.  We are living in a small apartment that only takes a few moments here and there to keep clean.  There are no measuring cups, measuring spoons, or baking utensils to encourage me to bake (and I'm already missing it.)  

Hubby and I were sitting at the park together the other day, and he said, "Our children are always going to have an affinity for Israel and Jews because of this time of playing right alongside them in their homeland each day."  A moving statement to this Mom.  I love it.

So, since hubby is encouraging me and since I have the extra time for awhile, I am making an online journal for my children to encourage that lifelong affinity.  If you are blessed and learn more about the Bible and Israel in the process, then I will consider this undertaking a success.    

So, stay tuned....!


  1. Look forward to reading your words more! Your time in Israel sounds like our time in Kiev - tiny apartment, no utensils, little cleaning....which explains why I blogged twice a day while we were there! Yes, I said twice a day! But I didn't have other little ones to look after - just the husband :)

    Praying for your family! I also love what your husband said about growing a love for Israel within your children. Beautiful!

  2. I just love reading all that you post! :) I don't know what was a bigger encouragement to me in this one, either reading that you are encouraged to post from your hubby and how great it is for your family to be able to be used of God in this way OR the mentioning of you not wanting your children to see you are a "computer mom". :) I totally agree with your statement about not blogging to show the world that you are a great Mom but just to BE one! Great for me to read that! I am so looking forward to your posts from Israel!

  3. Wow! Computer Mom. I'm afraid that describes me. I never heard the term before, but it's convicting. Guess I have something to go to my best Friend with...again. I love, love, love your blog! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

    1. I guess I made the term up as I was typing! LOL! But, you're right... it is definitely convicting and something I always want to keep a watch over in my life.

      Thank you for being reader! It always makes me happy to know when someone is reading my posts. :-)

  4. What a great opportunity for a journal, not only of your Israeli 'tour', but the memories your children are making on this journey. How better to share, through their eyes, with those of us who cannot make such a trip. Perhaps encouraging them to to keep their own journal, asking if they wish to share with those elsewhere? Then it wouldn't be 'computer mom', but a family project?

    1. I really like your idea of having them keep their own journal. But, as far as blogging, I do that whenever they are sleeping. :-)

  5. Blogging always helps me to relax a bit and "forget" about what is going on right now. Sometimes that can be a good thing............and sometimes NOT! LOL! I will be looking forward to your posts about Israel. What a fantastic journey this will be! :)

    And THANK YOU for visiting my blog and for the encouraging words. I do appreciate it and feel so blessed knowing that I have a new friend. :)

  6. I'm so glad you'll be blogging more. I enjoy reading all of your posts! I whole heartedly agree with not wanting to be known as a "computer mom"... I've always said I don't want my kids to look back over their childhood and always remember mom sitting at the computer! That being said... I am so behind onmy blog right now and have several posts I need to do LOL. What a wonderful idea... Journaling from Israel!

  7. We are always happy to see that you have updated your blog. :) I totally agree with not wanting the kids to think of us as computer mom's or look at what a great mom I am. Only our children can really look at us and call us blessed. ;) Anyway...thanks for the updates. Glad you are right where God wants you right now.

  8. I LoVe everything you just wrote about here in this e-mail, you may not have realized it, but there were sooo many special "golden nuggets" of good advice and different things that really spoke to even me personally, of how even I should be as a mother some day Lord willing, like, this what you put: "especially when that person, like me, has many, many other things {ahem, people} that need my time. And those precious people are oh, so much more important than this screen I am looking at. "

    And many other things you had said in there, well, I jus' think you are an awesome wife to your husband and mother to your children!!!

    Still praying for you guys, :)) And hope y'all are doing well! <3 Thanks, Ms. Jolene(: <3


Thank you for your encouraging comments! "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." Proverbs 25:25