Friday, September 25, 2009

Brianna quoting a verse and singing "How Great Thou Art"

Young ears are listening and learning! Boy, we found this out to be true this past week! Every morning we have family devotions, and each week we learn a new verse and song. Even though Brianna is just 2 1/2, she sits with us, even though she is too small to participate. Well, she sure surprised us this past week when she joined in, just as loud as the boys, quoting the memory verse and singing our hymn. My baby girl grew up right before my eyes this week!

If you look in the background, you can get a small glimpse of our unfinished house... the concrete walls, the scrap of carpet on the floor, one of the many boxes we are living out of... I hope to share pictures with you soon of how we are living. Even though it is not quite ideal yet, we remind ourselves that the important thing is that we train our children for the Lord... not waiting until the circumstances are "just right." NOW is the best time to start teaching your children to pray, sing praises, and seek the Lord. I'll never forget the surprised look of one of our babysitters when she saw me take the pudgy hands of one of my babies and fold them in prayer before he ate his baby food. Now that baby boy is seven years old and he is able to lead our family in prayer before meals. I pray that he and his brother will one day be strong, spiritual leaders in their homes, and that Brianna will be a godly, submissive wife to her husband. There is a lot of debate over what we should allow to influence our children, but you can never go wrong with the Bible!

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  1. Hey Jolene,
    Your blog looks so cute...once again. I've thought about changing mine too once in a while (or with the seasons). Anyway, I always enjoy reading your posts. You challenge me to be a better mom, teacher, Christian, and wife. Thanks for all you share.
    I also need to update my be ready - I have lots to add. Right now we have a guest from the states, so next week I should get to it.
    God bless,


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