Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pray for Steve and Ruthie

Steve Miller family

We received the following letter on Saturday, at 5:23am, from my sister-in-law, Anna. Both Anna and Ruthie are my husband's sisters. Ruthie is nearly eight months pregnant, due October 23rd. She and her husband serve in Querertaro, Mexico, as missionaries.

Dear David and Jolene,

(Mom asked me to email you for her.)

Around 7:30 tonight, Steve called Mom and said that Ruthie had been out on ladies' visitation, and was about to leave off the last lady (Hna. Isabel, the wife of the man who just recently arrived in Querétaro to help Steve out) and two men with guns forced Ruthie and Isabel into the back seat and drove off with them. At some point, one of the guys dropped his gun on the floor and stopped the car to reach down to get it, and Isabel opened her door, and they both jumped out. The guys went on. Stole the car (it is a Honda Pilot), but did not harm Ruthie or Isabel. Ruthie started having contractions, but from what we've heard, they have stopped. Steve is at the Procuraduría now making the demanda, or whatever you call it. We are glad that Ruthie and Isabel are okay. Just wanted to let you know so you could pray for them. Thank the Lord that there are good people in their church who love them and who are with them right now. The thieves evidently have keys to the house (they took Ruthie's purse; passports, important papers). I am sure there will be people with them all through the night. Wish I could call you, but it is an unearthly hour for you, I know. Love you much!

Hugs to all,

Ruthie miscarried their fourth baby, due to an early delivery. Please keep this precious baby in her womb in your prayers, that she would be able to carry full-term.


  1. Jolene,

    What a horrible situation! I will pray for the family and that God will watch over the unborn baby and keep them all safe. I am thankful that the women were unhurt!


  2. My heart goes out to both of those ladies! I will be praying for Ruthie and her baby...please keep us updated! - Maria Wesley

  3. Jolene, Thank you so much for sharing this prayer request. I have added them to my prayer list. Sorry to hear about this scary event. Praise the Lord they were able to get away.


  4. How scary! Will definately pray for them, and esp. Ruthie that she would carry to full term and have a healthy baby!

  5. We are praying for them! Ruth Hanson


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