Thursday, September 24, 2009

Language blooper!


Well, all missionaries have them... language bloopers. Since I want my blog to be a true and honest view of who I am and what I do, I have to share the mistakes I make too. So, here it is...

I went into the grocery store last night and instantly smelled something baked with cinnamon. The aroma was just mouth-watering, so I stopped by the bakery section and lined up behind the other customers who could not resist the temptation either. When it was my turn to order, I asked, "What is it with cinnamon that smells so good?" Okay, actually that is not what I said, but it is what I intended to say! In reality, I asked, "What is it with chicken that smells so good?" Of course, the two girls in the bakery had no idea what I was talking about because they only sell sweet breads there. When I saw them look at each other with puzzled looks, I realized what I had said and just started laughing! By then, they realized I was not Ukrainian. In Russian, the two words "cinnamon" and "chicken" sound very much alike and is a very easy mistake to make. So, I corrected myself and left happily (and a bit embarrased) with my cinnamon rolls.

So, there it is. Could have been much worse, I know, because I've heard missionary "language blooper" stories that are much worse. But, embarrasing, nonetheless.

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