Sunday, October 25, 2009

21 Love Letters

Friday, the 23rd was my birthday and I turned the glorious age of 31. I'm sure it is going to be a wonderful year because of the incredible way it has already begun. David and I were on a 2-day Couple's Retreat (which I plan to write about soon), and we were surrounded with many people we love dearly... except for our children who were at their babysitter's house. Since the children could not go with us and could not be with me on my birthday, their babysitter let them help her bake a birthday cake and they ate it in my honor. Hearing about that meant the world to me! Like any mother, I'm sure, I am always very touched when people do something special for my children.

I received countless hugs, notes, flowers, boxes of chocolates, many gifts, and even a very special telephone call from my precious mother-in-law, sister-in-law (Anna) and her children. But the most special gift I received this year was from my sweet husband. Beginning October 1st, he began buying birthday cards and writing in them each day. He only missed two days and that was because he was seriously sick those days with a stomach virus. So, during the Retreat, I found these 21 love letters and a rose laying across my (hotel) bed. This is not the first time David has done such a thoughtful thing for me... when we were dating he filled an entire journal with love letters to me, one letter a day for a year. I LOVE having such a sweet, thoughtful, sentimental husband!

I must honestly say that I got the better deal in this marriage of ours. I am not nearly as good as a wife to him as he is a husband to me.... and I say that with all of my heart. I could never compete with him and his love for me, though I enjoy the challenge of trying! So, here it is for the world to read: David, I love you deeply and I thank you for being the most wonderful husband in the world! I treasure you and our love for each other and thank you for being my BEST FRIEND!



By the way, David does NOT like for me to share personal things like this, and I know he is going to be more than embarrased to read this post.... but I really wanted you to know what a great husband the Lord has given me (and if you know anything about my childhood, you will understand what a great miracle it is for me to have such a godly, loving husband...)


  1. Sorry, I was trying to make a heart, but it didn't work.

  2. What a special day!!! Glad for your sweet memory.


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