Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Yay... another giveaway!  And, who doesn't love a great one?!

My sweet, sweet missionary-to-Estonia friend Rachel over at Rachel's Reflections is giving away a book written by her missionary-to-Cambodia brother Stephen.  And, they are giving away this book:

Here are some direct quotes from Stephen's book:

"Sheep never outgrow their need for daily leadership from the shepherd"

"The most important work, and the first work, is a work that is done on the inside."

"Our flesh will betray us into enemy hands if we give it even the slightest opportunity."

"As you seek Him in prayer and in His Word, you will find Him again and again."

"Christians who live in stubbornness and rebellion are disrespecting their King and wasting a precious relationship that they have with God."
And my favorite things about this book (that I have yet to read!)?  It comes from a fantastic missionary family and it is written by the cousin of one of my bestest friends ever.  That's right... one of Stephen's cousins, Malinda, was a bridesmaid in my wedding!  
So, hop on over to Rachel's blog and sign up for her giveaway.  (Just click here on the highlighted words for a direct link to the giveaway.)  Happy entering!


  1. Jolene, I did not know Malinda was a bride's maid in your wedding...how very special. Sure do love my sweet cousin.

  2. Thanks Jolene for posting about this giveaway! I can't believe I won. Can't wait to read it. - Tinyla

  3. Do you know what my newest "free time" activity has been the past few days...reading through your blog. :) Don't worry...I don't have very much free time, so I haven't gotten too far, but I have so enjoyed the little I have been able to read as I've gone back through several of your posts. I feel I've learned so much for you and, well, it is such a blessing to read what you, a veteran missionary and wife/mommy, write! I was never "trained" to be a missionary but have been praying for the Lord to help me the past few months and I feel that your writing has been an answer to that prayer.
    Anyways, why am I commenting on this post? Because you have Malinda in it! I love Malinda! She teaches at the same school where my sister Julee teaches. She and Julee were roommates for a long time before Julee got married. Besides my sister and brother in law, she is my favorite person to see when we go through Morgan Hill! :)


Thank you for your encouraging comments! "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." Proverbs 25:25