Friday, November 4, 2011

Turmoil in Thailand

Remember my recent Scripture Prints giveaway?  Amy, the photographer and designer of the beautiful Scripture prints, has a brother in Thailand who is in need of our prayers.  I know I have some very amazing followers on this blog, and I knew I could turn to you to ask for help.   My hubby and I also have family in Thailand who are feeling the devastation of the Bangkok flooding as well, so our hearts are heavy for all who are suffering right now.  And, in case you have felt weary in praying for missionaries, here is an excellent article on the importance of holding the ropes back home.  (just click on the highlighted words to see the article.)

From Amy...
My brother and sister-in-law, Mark and Amber Bosje, along with their seven children are missionaries to Thailand and are in need of your prayers right now.

Following is the latest update from Mark...

Dear Pastors, Friends, and Family,

The past two weeks have been devastating for my family and for our ministry here in Thailand. For many days we were told by the Thai government that our area was not in danger. Then we were warned that we should prepare for minor flooding. Then we were suddenly told to evacuate. In a matter of a few hours we moved everything that we could to the second floor of our home, packed a few clothes, and fled.

We have been living in motels since we left. Twice my brother-in-law and I have driven back to our homes. It is absolutely heartbreaking. We have lost much of our furniture and all of our major appliances. There is now over six feet of water inside our home. This water is so filthy that we could not see our own feet while we were standing in it. We often saw human waste and toxic chemicals floating on top of the water. Everything made of wood will need to be replaced. Anything that can absorb smell will have to be burned. It will take many weeks and many thousands of dollars just to get things livable again.

Our church has also been flooded. Everything electric has been removed. The inside walls are drywall, so they will all need to be replaced. The platform will have to be rebuilt. Wiring will need to be redone. We will need to scrub and sanitize and paint for days.

Many of our people have lost everything. A dozen people are now sleeping upstairs in our church building. Food and bottled water is scarce and expensive when it can be found. When the flood waters recede many of these people will go back to nothing. In some cases only a cement slab where their home used to be. Some will not even have a slab. I cannot possibly overstate the devastation. The city of Bangkok is a massive disaster zone. It has become a fight to survive.

After Tim and I left our homes we put some food in bags, borrowed a boat, and began taking the bags to some of our church people. When they leaned out of their upstairs windows and saw us coming, they laughed, they cried, they hollered our names, and they thanked us with all of their hearts. One lady climbed into the boat with us and began calling to her neighbors, “Do you see? These missionaries are helping our people!”; She said it over and over.

I am sending out a request for help. This is truly an opportunity to save lives, and to do it through a group of missionaries who will go back to the same people in a few weeks and preach the Gospel to them. I also encourage you to visit our team page on Facebook. Just type FBC Thailand into the search box. This will allow you a glimpse of what we are seeing every day.

Through your prayers and financial support over the years, you have shown that you believe in us. Would you invest again in the work of the Lord in this very needy time and place? Donations may be sent to FBMI, 507 State St. Hammond, IN 46320. For the Thailand Relief Fund, please write #9015 in the memo line. If you would like to specifically help the Bosje family, please write #6401.

I presently have access to email and would love to hear from you.

Brother Mark Bosje

Along with Amber's report...

Dear Friends and Family,

As most of you may know, the flooding in Thailand has caused much devastation. All of our team homes have been greatly affected. We are all safe and staying at a resort about 3 hours south of Bangkok, but we need and appreciate your prayers! We have food and water but there is a severe shortage affecting most of the country right now. Please pray for the country of Thailand.

Attached is a photo of our home - taken yesterday morning. On the right of the picture where you can only see the roof is Matthew and Nathan's bedroom. They have lost everything in their room. Our 8-foot gate is completely submerged and everything that was in the carport has floated away, of course - bikes, weed eater, toys, etc. The water inside our home is about a foot from the ceiling on the first floor, so everything downstairs is lost - washer, dryer, refrigerator, furniture, stove, oven, etc. When we evacuated we had about 3 hours to throw as much as possible into boxes and put it all upstairs. Please pray that the water does not reach the 2nd level of our house so that we do not lose everything we "own." (term used lightly :)

Through all of this we can say that God is good all the time and our lives our His to do as He desires. The children are well and in good spirits, though it was quite sobering for them to see the picture of our home. My song for today is, "My life, Lord, is Yours to control...I give you my heart and my soul...I'll seek Your will, never mine...RICH TREASURES to find...give wisdom to choices I make...along every path that I when I complete life's race...'Well done,' You will say."

Thank you for your prayers.

We love you,

Amber (for all of us :)

P.S. If you would like to see more photos we are on facebook - MarkandAmber Bosje

Thank you for your prayers,


  1. Praying! Thank you for sharing all this Jolene.

  2. We will be praying for these families as they minister to the people there. Makes us realize we have nothing to complain about.

  3. Oh, that is so terrible!I was reading with tears in eyes.And I do not have words, how it is heavy go suffer many hardships.I will say to my church in Ukraine about this need.Praying for missionaries in Thailand.With love, from Ukraine.Alla

  4. How very sad! We will be praying for them and the others in Thailand who have suffered such devastation. May the Lord use it all for good and for many to come to Christ. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Praying here as well. Thanks for posting about this.

  6. we are praying for this dear family!

  7. I had received their prayer letter and have been praying...for them and for other missionaries in Thailand, as well.

    I met Mark and Amber Bosje many years ago. One of the sweetest couples I know!

    Thank you for sharing.


  8. pics of Thailand bring back memories. I lived there as a child of 10. My littlest sister was born and died there. We came back home to bury her or I think we'd have stayed much longer than 2 years. Army brat.

  9. Hi there!
    Thank you so much for this missionary update re the flooding in Thailand. We support another missionary there by name of Tim Searles & he is located in NakornNyork. Not sure just how far that is from Bangkok. We shall pray too.
    Barbara McFeters

  10. Asking for God's mercy and provisions, and that many will come to know Christ through this hardship! Thanks for posting about it, Jolene.

  11. It is cold here! I am currently near Odessa. But, I am just amazed by the people!

    I am adding ya'll to my prayer list!



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