Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Fun!

One thing about living in Ukraine is... we're always guaranteed beautiful, white snow!  The last couple of years (with building our home), we have SURVIVED it.  This year, now that our house is sufficiently sealed off and heated, we are ENJOYING it!
 {Below} Snowflakes in Micah's hair and on his eyelashes.  Pure sweetness.

{Below}  Our kids built a snowman at church with their friends, and Davey sacrificed his scarf and hat for his "new friend"
{Below} At home in our backyard
{Below} Micah watching from the window, in the warmth of his home and jammies

{Below}  Beautiful, pudgy fingers
{Below}  Ever been clobbered by snowballs and laughed through the whole process?  Micah has!

{Below}  No winter is complete without homemade snow ice cream!  You can find the recipe we use by clicking here.


Look outside the window here, the snow fell deep last night

Let's get our coats and mittens on, and have a snowball fight

We'll build a fat and jolly friend, who'll watch us as we play

We'll even dare to take a ride, on grandpaw's wooden sleigh

We'll make some angels in the snow, and sing the carols sweet

We'll make ourselves some sugar ice, it's grandmaw's favorite treat

We'll end the day inside again, around that glowing fire

We'll sip the eggnog Sister makes, and then we'll all retire

But while we're all so fast asleep, the dreams will start to flow

With memories of the day that we, went playing in the snow

Author Unknown


  1. I let the kiddos see the pictures and now they want to come visit you!! ;-) It is 75 here today!! (No joke) We are having an extremely warm winter, and we are missing out on the snow fun this year!

  2. Loved reading this post! Great shots of the kids. I understand what you mean with the difference in surviving it and enjoying the winters! Amen! Love ya! Proud of you little Momma!

  3. I haven't been in Australia long enough to miss snow, but I do miss it's beauty!

  4. Oh! SO fun! I LOVE the pudgy finger cute!

  5. Love the snowflakes on eyelashes :)

  6. We have been enjoying the snow so much, too! After Russia, we always feel like there's hardly any snow here. I have to fight not to complain about that. Every year, so far, just when I've been about to dispair: "God, where is the snow"? Then, He sends it, and it's even more beautiful and wonderful than I had remembered. When we do have snow, we love every minute of it!

    You pictures are wonderful! I also love pudgy fingers, and I can't seem to get a good picture that captures them.

    Our children were eating lunch recently, when their Papa plastered the window right by them with snowballs. And we live on the third floor! :-)

    (Um, I guess I wanted to write? Sorry for the book-length comment.)

  7. Wonderful pictures!
    Great snowman!
    Love all the happy faces.
    Micah is just too cute.

    We didn't get much snow until this month (quite different from the past two years). The kids spend a couple hours a day playing outside. They come in with pink cheeks, red noses, and big smiles!

  8. LOVED your pictures!!!Brianna's mittens are beautiful too.:)I thought the ones of Micah watching out the window were priceless.

  9. Adorable pictures! And it looks like they're really enjoying the snow, like you said! But, I feel just as thrilled to be in a place where we DON'T have to deal with snow. :-) My children can play in the dirt. Dirt and snow have similar qualities, right? Except the whole making ice cream out of it... :-)

  10. Those are awesome photos. You're a great photographer. Btw, you have an adorable family!

  11. Lynne Edmonds NortonSunday, January 22, 2012

    Beautiful snow fun!!! : )

  12. How fun! We haven't had ANY snow yet this year. boo!

  13. Wow -- It looks like they sure did have amazing fun!!! ;D haha I miss those days:)))
    Livin' here in AR makes it hard for those days to come very often lol :P
    (and I loveee snow ice-cream! haha -- it looked soo good). ;D

  14. Ah, love all the snowy pics!!!!! *Warm Winter Hugs*

  15. Jolene, you should have been a professional photographer. I couldn't get enough of the beautiful snow pictures you sent on your blog. In fact, little Micah is now my screen saver. Happy Birthday to you, little man, on Thursday. Has it already been a year since I went to the hospital to see you come into the world? I remember it was a gorgeous sunny day. After Davey, Nate, and Brianna came in to meet their new brother, we went home, and took a nap. They we went to Burger King, back to visit Baby Micah, and then to church at Immanuel. Such precious memories. So hard to believe that that beautiful sunshine turned into a snow storm by the next week! I got snowed in!

  16. I just loved your pics. What beautiful children you and David have. I was wishing that I was there to throw some snowballs with them. Some of my best memories as a child are of being outside in the bitter cold loving the snow and all we could do with it.
    We could sure use some of the stuff here.
    Needed a break, but now I need to get back to work. SMILE

  17. Precious pictures. The snow ice cream brought back childhood memories of Ohio when my mom would make it for us. Yummy! You have made me wish for snow only for the reason of wanting to make some snow ice cream for Seth to try.

  18. What wonderful fun!!! My kiddies drool over these kinds of pictures!

    What precious pictures. I miss you all so much!

    Hugs, hugs, hugs,


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