Friday, January 27, 2012

A Year Already?!

Though I can hardly remember what life was like before he came into our lives, it also seems hard to believe that a year has passed since I held him in my arms for the first time.  
We started our birthday celebration the evening before the big day, with a meal at McDonald's after church. Our McDonald's here (our only "link" to America in this city) was recently remodeled.  It was a 2.5 million dollar project that boasts its splendid luxury.  This two-story fast food restaurant looks like it dropped out of the sky and landed next to our city train station.  It is quite a treat to eat here, and it is family tradition that we go to McDonald's for each child's birthday.

{Below}  First french fry from Daddy.  I can promise you we do not normally feed our babies this type of food.  He probably will not get another french fry until his 2nd birthday!  But, a birthday is a birthday, and we all need to splurge a little...

{Below}  And, just to prove his transition into "toddler-hood," he made us a pretty little mess to clean up when we got home.
{Below} Micah's gift from his Mimi, who faithfully sends a little shopping money for each of her grandbabies on their birthdays.
{Below} The "binky cutting ceremony."  When our Brianna turned one, we cut the rubber off of her binkies and this has now turned into a tradition for the babies in our home.  Before you think we are too terribly mean, remember that Micah does not even know it is his birthday!
{Below}  Binkies all ready to be thrown away.  Micah did have a super fun time playing with them before they were tossed!
{Below} Always the center of our attention and love, this child never lacks for a playmate!

{Below}  Who knew that carrot cake could make such a good track for a toy motorcycle?!
{Below}  Then, off to the bathroom to meet Daddy and the hair clippers

{Below} Those sweet, sweet curls that I twirled round and round my fingers countless days and nights will be missed....  Oh, so missed....  

My big boy is growing and joining the ranks of being a kid, right along with his brothers and sister.

Happy Birthday, my sweet baby boy!  No matter how old you get, you'll always be my baby.


  1. Such a sweet post! LOVE(D) his curls! We are also a binky cutting family! HA! Happy Birthday to adorable little Micah!

  2. What a gorgeous gift from God and a smart tradition to stop binkies. When the Lord gives me children I hope you won't mind if I borrow this method.


  3. Ahhhh...sentimental blog post for sure. I can hardly believe it's been a year already!!!


    It was so wonderful to see you on skype video. It surely made me miss you!

    Hugs from far away!

  4. He is so cute! Looks like he had a fun day :)
    I have never heard of a 2 story McDonald's wow!

  5. You are such to joy . Really so good it gives me a good feeling
    To get your e-mail Mica is really growing and he will always
    Be you baby that is what my 100 year old mother told me before
    She passed away love you

  6. Happy Birthday to your baby! :) You mothers aren't mean for cutting those binkies at one year old. I took them away from my babies when each one was old enough to take it out of his/her mouth and play with it - right around 3 months old! LOL They did fine with it. They're all adults now and not one of them has a scar from having their binky taken away! ;)

    Your little guy was so cute in the picture of the cake all over his tray. His little belly is just too cute in that pic! He's adorable!

  7. Happy 1st Birthday, Micah!!! Oh, I just love all the pictures and what a special birthday celebration! *Hugs*

  8. I don't know how to post comments on your blog, but I enjoyed sharing Micah's first birthday! Thanks for taking time to keep us all updated. You and David and your family are a blessing to me.

    Mrs. Z

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  10. Reminds me of my little Jesse who turned one in November. We also made him a carrot cake. Little boys are so fun!

    I've been reading your blog for awhile and enjoy keeping up with your family. We met years ago in OKC (formerly a Marshall). Thanks for faithfully serving with a happy heart.

  11. AWE! Happy Birthday, Micah!!! I can't believe how fast they grow! Makes me want to cuddle my little Daniel closer now!

  12. He is adorable!!!!!
    Mrs. Hickman

  13. Micha's birthday?! Happy Birthday Micah!!!

    What a super duper cuteee cake and it looks like he really WAS spoiled for his first bday:))) What a great one!!! ;D
    Such a cutie baby;))) <3


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