Wednesday, June 20, 2012

VBS - Day 3

Already into our third day of VBS, and it just keeps getting better and better!  We had 48 today.... 10 workers and 38 kids {23 from the orphanage}.  Our young lady (Nelya) who is in charge had prepared for this week with 15 in mind. :-)  But, you know what?  This gal has talent!  She has the "more guests? add a little water to the soup to make it stretch" kind of attitude.  I love that about her!  We have definitely seen this girl's talent shining this week.  And, if you count our numbers without orphans, we would have had exactly 15.  And we would have missed out on so many blessings.

(Fuzzy pictures, I know, but you already know about that and have forgiven me for the headache, right?)

{Below} Starting out with daily registration...

{Below} Our talented church pianist, Marina.  I could really seriously listen to her play all day long.  She has a soothing, romantic style of playing but also knows how to play really well for children's music - all by ear.   Sometimes Nelya starts into a song without waiting for Marina's introduction, but super-talented Marina can just start playing right on the note that Nelya is leading on.  Some people get all of the talent, ya know?!

{Below} Homemade penants here, folks!  Nelya found tent material and gave it to our super-talented seamstress Luda who made several strips of these penants for our special outdoor events.  Girls, you're amazing! So much talent overflowing in our congregation...

{Below} The kids who came yesterday were able to work on part 2 of their angel craft while the first-timers made the fish you see above.
{Below} Want to gain instant friendship with kids?  Just give 'em paints and let 'em have at it... with paper and their own bodies!

{Below} I love this picture!  The green team "Children of God" is conspiring on how to beat the purple team "Children of the King"!

{Below} Each day we pin the memory verse to the children's shirts just before they leave.  Even the bigger kids, who are given the option to just stick theirs into the sleeve of their badges prefer to have them pinned on too.  Love it!
We're more than halfway through and looking forward to two more days of God's goodness!  Stay tuned, my friends...


  1. Thank you, Miss Jolene. My heart goes out to all these children that you all are getting to work with...especially the orphans. Praise the Lord He allows you to have an influence in their lives! I wish I could be there to help you all; seeing your posts is such a blessing to my heart. Thank you for sharing and for your love of serving God!

  2. Just in case anyone else is wondering...the verse pinned on is I Chronicles 29:17. :-) I had to figure it out and use google translator. Guess I'm just a geek that way. LOL I'm having fun decoding some of the nametags too. All I figured out so far is "Masha" and "Sasha" - easy ones. Thanks for the updates! May the Lord continue to bless ALL of you!

  3. I am really enjoying your VBS posts and praying for your ministry there today. :)

  4. Praying for you folks today! Love ya!

  5. I am enjoying the VBS news.

    I know it was a special blessing to be able to be back home especially for this.

    I did enjoy the news and pictures of your "extended vacation".

    You are a blessing.


  6. Just hearing you describe Marina's piano talent makes me want to hear her! And makes me a tad jealous. ;-) What a blessing she uses her ability for the Lord! Your weeks sounds incredibly busy and fun!

  7. Hey, That's ok 'bout the camera difficulties!!! Happened to us a couple weeks ago...had to send our in, too!!! "Nobody know who did it" lol ;)) [broke it I mean]. the lady's nails in the pic of her helping out with the fish craft!!! :D I loveee doin' nails -- one of my favvv hobbies!!! :DD

    1. The pretty nails were actually on one of the teen orphan girls! I guess it is a world-wide teen girl thing! :-)


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